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Les comptoirs de Paris

Restaurant Français

Our menu Posté le Lundi 30 Mars 2009 à 11h59

Menu « Les délices du comptoir »  Price: 30YTL


 First course


x       Tuna tartar and vegetables of the sun tartar

x       Thin slices of cuttlefish and its sauce of peppers

x       Foie gras stove and its fig jam

x       Cucumber cream with its toasts and its crystallized tomatoes


Main course


x       Roasted gambas accompanied by fritters of aubergines

curry sauce

x       Fish set cooked with the plancha according to arrival

spiced (Espelette peppers) and its vegetables of season

x       Liver of lamb accompanied by a pumpkin mashed potatoes

with its cumin seeds

x       Steaklet of duck and a mashed potatoes set

celeries, pumpkin and chick-peas, Mediterranean sauce




x       Desserts set « Discovery of Turkey»

x       Sorbets mango, passion and its coconut meringue

x       Chocolate cake and its red fruits heart

x         Fresh acidulated and frozen fruits on a vanilla cream

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