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Weekend in Lisbon, Portugal

The best hotels in Lisbon

A very memorable stay in a hotel in Lisbon, Portugal Publié le Lundi 15 Mars 2010 à 19:42:15


Lisbon is a friendly city with a cosmopolitan population, welcoming to all visitors and families with children, and open to minoritiesand alternative lifestyles. The visitors who want to convert their holiday in a rememberable moments then you have to come to hotels Lissabon and make your vacations unforgettable. Lisbon is a beautiful city where everyone want to spend their vacations in Lisbon hotel because it is the capital of Portugal and sits at the point where the river Tagus feeds into the Atlantic,and you can go there without getting your feet wet. Being built on seven hills, it offers a breathtaking view from the walls of a millenium old castle. If you want to enjoy the city of sea creatures in a states of the art aquarium, then go lisbon and make your holidays memorable in hôtels Lisbonne because the city has seemingly endless modern bridge and tiny turn of the century trams, climbing picturesque hills, Legendary cafes and shopping area which is suitable to everyone. While vacationning in Hotels Lissabon you can also see the world heritage monuments, singular museum treasures and fairytale palaces and sandy beaches nearby area. Lisbon is located in the heart of the Sheyenne River Valley.The city's legendary seven hills will also attract the tourists to spend their vacations in Lisbon.


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Some really good hotels in Lisbon Publié le Lundi 15 Février 2010 à 12:58:00


Hotel Altis

Hotel Altis is a five star hotel in Lisbon. This charming hoteles Lisboa is located in the centre of the city and near to the historic places like Bairro Alto and Alfama. The hotel offers pleasant intimate atmosphere with a high quality and personalised service. This is the hotel where tradition and warm hospitality are the real landmarks. The hotel also offers 303 well decorated rooms with all modern facilities and it is the hotel where tradition and warm hospitality are the real landmarks.

Hotel Marques De Pombal

Hotel Marques De Pombal  is a four star hoteles Lisboa and this beautiful hotel has prestigious location in the center of the city. Most visitors want to spend their vacations in this Lisbon hotel because the hotel offers 123 well decorated rooms with all modern amenities, sauna and hammam facilities, an elegant restaurant and a cosy bar. The hotel also offers a fully equipped fitness centre with personal trainer where guests can be fit.

Hotel Vincci Baixa

Hotel Vincci Baixa is a great place situated in the heart of the city and very close to the river Tagus. This specatacular hotels Lisbon is located in the commercial area of the Baixa and here you can ejoy with lots of shops and terraces flooded with people. This beautiful hotel also offers sixty six well decorated and stylish rooms, a bar, breakfast in the room and free wireless internet.

Hotel Zenit Lisboa

Hotel Zenit Lisboa is a great place to spend your vacations. This four star Lisbonne hôtel is located in the centre of the city and very close to historic centre, Eduardo VII Park and the Avenida da Liberdade. The hotel also offers attentive front office staff, a tour desk, ticket service, 86 well decorated rooms with all modern facilities and a fitness centre.

Hotel Travel Park

Hotel Travel Park is a three star hotel Lissabon and this newly built hotel was opened in 2003. The Hotel Travel Park is one of the best in its category with a privileged location and modern furnishings and services. This charming hotel in Lisbon is located in the east of Lisbon and very close to the historic part of the city. The hotel offers lively atmosphere, 61 well decorated rooms with all modern facilities.

If you want to visit some other cities then you can spend your vacations in Rome hotel and you can stay in barcelona hotel.


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Three other interesting places in Portugal to stay in a hotel Publié le Vendredi 22 Janvier 2010 à 15:19:00




Most of the people want to spend their holidays in Algarve hôtel because in the northern part of the algarve you can also enjoy hills of monchique and caldeirao which shelter the coast from strong winds. Fish, seafood and fruit production, which includes oranges, carob beans, figs and almonds, are other important activities in the region. Visitors vacationning in hotels Algarve say that it is not only sea and beaches, but also cultural tourism, among the things to see, there are the historic architecture of the cities in the region, with the typical white houses, the inevitable churches, castles and museums. While enjoying in Hotels Algarve you find the town of Monchique which is situated in most beautiful part of algarve where you can do your shopping, eating out or just driving through to other tourist sites and attractions and the omega parque is a famous zoo which is set in beautiful mountains of the algarve. In the last we can say that the algarve is a well marked, interesting walk round the town, laid out by the local council and the entire region is a delight to visit all year round.


If you want to spend your vacations in Porto Hotel then it is the good option because it is a city where you can enjoy so much. Porto's historic center was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1996. Porto is not a new city but it is an ancient port steeped in history and tradition. Visitos who vacationning in hôtels Porto say that it is the city that originated named as Porto wine and gave birth to one of world history's legendary figures, Prince henry the navigator and it is also the birth place of the world famous fictional character Herry Potter just like this you find more curious facts about this intriguing and majestic city. More people attract towards the hotels Porto because of its location it is located in the estuary of the Douro river in northern portugal and it is the second largest city and capital of the Norte NUTS ll region. Porto is not only the largest city of  northern Portugal but it is also very much famous for it's ocean-front bars, cafés, clubs and restaurants also.


Setubal is also a very beautiful and one of the oldest cities of Portugal. Visitors vacationning in Setubal hotel say that Setubal is situated in the heart of the Portuguese sardine industry and it is famous for it's sweet and globally acclaimed moscatel wine. While enjoying in Hotels Setubal you find that the city is situated on the northern bank of the Sado river estuary and it is also the seat of the district of Setubal. Most of the visitors want to spend their vacations in hoteles Setubal because of its natural reserve surrounding the estuary of the river Sado provides all manner of wetland wonders from migratory birds and interesting fish species to unique agricultural and natural landscapes.


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