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Penny lounges in the apartment Posté le Mardi 14 Octobre 2008 à 09h39

Penny lounges in the apartment while Sheldon goes back to playing Conan, and Penny asks Sheldon about the game complete with a gag on internet acronym lingo. Sheldon didn't get that Penny was just trying to say, "Oh, I see." Sooner than later, Sheldon has Penny playing Age of Conan and helps her become a level three warrior. Leonard arrives and notices a cat in the hallway eating Pen age of conan power leveling ny's melted ice cream.


He goes into the apartment and sees Penny playing the game. Leonard tries to inform Penny about the groceries, but Penny doesn't care, engrossed in the new game. Le aoc gold onard asks Sheldon what's up, and Sheldon passes along that Penny hasn't had sex in six mo buy age of conan gold nths. "Huh . . . seriously, six months?" That news definitely piques Leonard's interest. Penny goes crazy after finding a treasure chest in the game. Sheldon: "Level three and she thinks she's rich. What a newb." At night, team Geek is conducting a funky experiment with water and corn syrup on a big speaker/boom box. They crank up some club music and the liquid solution becomes solid through th buy aoc gold e vibration and starts dancing.


This greatly amuses them. Penny arrives and is not interested, and wants Sheldon to help her m age of conan guide ore with Conan. Raj and Wolowitz can't believe that Penny wants to talk to Sheldon. Leonard, Raj, and Howard are buy aoc powerleveling all mystified by Penny's new interaction with Sheldon. Raj: "It's like some kind of weird comic book crossover." Howard: "It's like if Hulk was dating Peppermint Patty." Raj: "I always thought Peppermint Patty was a lesbian?" Leonard: "No that's Marcy. Peppermint Patty's just athletic." At night, Penny invades the apartment again and enters the sanctuary of Sheldon's bedroom. Apparently she had an emergency key from Leonard. Sheldon is not pleased with Penny coming into his bedroom because no one comes into his bedroom. Leonard eventually overhears Sheldon speaking with Penny and from Leonard's perspective it sounds like Sheldon is begging Penny off from another sex session. Penny exits and passes by Leonard, tells him the truth, but it still looks sexual from Leonard's view . . . but it's really not.

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