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stuck in her hair for mid-day snack Posté le Mardi 14 Octobre 2008 à 09h40

Sheldo buy aoc gold n goes back home and begs for help from Leonard to get Penny off his back. Sheldon warns Leonard that if he doesn't do anything then Sheldon will become very hard to liv buy age of conan gold e with. This scares Leonard and he goes over to Penny's apartment, and she's totally gone over the edge as an online gaming addict. Getting Cheetos stuck in her hair for mid-day snack.

Leonard tries to explain to Penny that she's becoming addicted to the game because she's not finding enough accomplishment in her own life. Penny blows Leonard off and eats a Cheeto out of her hair. Leonard tries another approach and tries to communicate age of conan power leveling with Penny in the game, complete with Machinima video footage! Penny dismisses Leonard in the easiest way possible, lopping off his head! At the Cal Tech cafeteria, Sheldon's exhausted from having to deal with Penny. Leslie joins the boys at the table and explains that the reason Penny is addicted to the online gaming is because of sexual frustration, or lack of sex.

Leonard thinks that's preposter aoc powerleveling ous, but Sheldon despite not respecting Leslie "as a scientist or as a person" believes she is onto something since Leslie is an expert on sexual promiscuity and general sluttiness. Sheldon then turns to a young gentleman sitting by at another table and asks if he's interested in a sexual relationship. The guy says yeah. Sheldon then asks for the man's phone number. He thinks about it and looks She aoc powerleveling ldon up and down, and says, "yeah". He writes his phone number on Sheldon's hand. Sheldon, "Problem solved." Oy vey, Sheldon.

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