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There are new badges Posté le Samedi 29 Novembre 2008 à 09h16

The pre-release patch also introduced the new achievement system. This is where players are rewarded with notifie world of warcraft powerleveling d achievements for completing t buy wow gold asks such as exploration, profession feats, and dungeon completion. This has certainly added more solo challenge for players as th wow powerleveling ey try to “punch their achievement card” wit buy wow gold h all the possible entries.

On the downside though, the more competitive players and guilds have see best wow gold buy n it as a way to be recognised server-wide as being the first at something. Within two days of the release of the game, players were already hitting 80 and driving to complete the end game content. Its cheap warcraft gold a shame as a lot of these players will have missed a lot of the entertaining and rich content in the expansion in their rush to be first. Lots of other aspects of the game have either changed or been extended.

There are new badges to collect (including cooking badges that can reward you with new recipes), new fishing spots and warcraft gold fish, new mounts, new profession recipes, to name just a few. The more you delve into the expansion you discover how big the change has been. The huge amount of sales and the huge queues on servers indicate how successful these changes have cheap wow power leveling been. If you have a World of Warcraft account then this expansion is a must have. It lives up to all expectations and a lot more. WoW Gold

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