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You are Beautiful


Butterfly Posté le Jeudi 19 Juin 2008 à 10h14

     Clock has been pointed to the night 4:26, 15 square meters quiet in my small study, also Jisihanyi. Outside the window the rain under the greater the kittens are Anshui in my arms. . .
     At this very moment, perhaps on the streets deserted.
     But also because of the number of the livelihood of pedestrians, walking in the rain Cang busy
     Will the number of homeless stray, in the city a dark, damp corner of Quansuduosuo      Will the number of Qiku desperate heartbreaking, they are frightened of the war brought hunger and the cold cruel suffering double
     Butterfly think 
     The happiest, is to reunite with their families to meet their relatives.
     The happiest, with close friends can talk about each other.
     The sweet, and is the favoriteBaekdu to old people.
     The most romantic, is a look at morning glow of sunset Xiangyixiangwei.
     Most thankful for, those who support and help themselves.
     The most moving, we are concerned about the story of tears.
     Understanding the most, with the Institute of love and cherish the happiness.
     The most beautiful is their favorite thing to do complaint or regret.
     Some people, like thousands of kilometres in areas other than the confused impression of the United States.
     Some people, like sitting on tens of thousands of metres of high-altitude dim view overlooking the city.
     Some people, like standing on the top of the rhetoric of reform and opening up.
     Some people, like hidden in a car in a hurry Bi and authority to speak conclusion. supersized maruta monblema
     Butterfly, it was like trouble in the city's streets, busy in the field of rural landscape, and more like the most beautiful and most extraordinary ordinary people, every day together, always together, moving and creative. . .monblembmcmdmemf 
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