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Persimmon Posté le Samedi 21 Juin 2008 à 06h21

      Persimmon tree is my home Taihang Mountain area native trees, ancient trees on as the economy has been widely introduced, grafting and cultivation. Persimmon tall tall and straight, strong adaptability and fewer pests and diseases, once take root, up to several hundred years old.

      Taihang Mountains in the valley, Banpo above, growth is still Zhifanyemao 100 years, has made great achievements of the persimmon trees, almost everywhere. They are very popular among villagers values, the history of economic difficulties in the years to come, it's the Persimmon and Lizi Shu Li Guo, have a fellow who's survival rations, to help people through the famine years. Civil "Zaishu year, a hundred years of benefit".
      Annual autumn, there will be large number of visitors to the mountains of Qiujing, tours autumn leaves, fruit-eating. And persimmon trees can be said to be a sign of Taihang Mountain autumn season species.

      Qiu Jin opened its crown, such as Maxine Hong Kingston Huagai, orange-red leaves and yellow fruit-can, it is surprising is to attract people's attention. Persimmon leaves of a palm-size children, have thick texture toughness. The height of summer when Youlv bright and clean, late autumn when it will become very Naikan the yellow-green, red or orange red Yin, can be caught in the book for the use of bookmarks, with a wild between Qingwei. This persimmon leaves or can be considered to be the Taihang Mountain Area fellow simple business card, show the invisible above the text: Shicheng, Houdao, Zhuopu, tenacity.  I want to go shopping !
      Autumn sunshine, Walking in the persimmon trees as Choi Ha forest, most people are sincerely happy, is dark Cangjin Zhuizhao the branches of the one-metre yellow, golden yellow small lanterns as the persimmon. This strange fruit of a unique. Just picking down, you try to bite a small mouth, you immediately from the tongue to Sai Bangzi Manzui will also feel Shibuya, Health, wood, the taste is very indescribable. If you Shibuya before this profound understanding of how many Chinese characters not the case, then you will appreciate to 120 percent in Shibuya all the magic of the word.

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