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Nepal Posté le Mercredi 2 Juillet 2008 à 11h01
   The next day early morning, the sun not mean the first time in a room Saman, I really love it here every day sunny weather! Today, we are the most intensive programme for the day, the Monkey Temple (Swayambhunath), rich Kazakhstan Buddha (Bouddhanath Stupa), the temple Pasipati (Pashupatinath), Bhadgaon (Bhaktapur), plus the special profile (Nagakort)

   Monkey Temple (Swayambhunath) As the name suggests, is to have many small monkey temples. Here, small monkeys have many people can not enjoy the privileges, believers can enjoy the offerings of priority, can not access his followers out of the room, Kazakhstan. However the other hand, not only monkeys, the animals living in Nepal is the world's most well-being of the animals. 
     Whether in the voice of the noisy market, or solemn temples, you can see that they Pangruowuren to take a walk, Xinao, sleep. In Nepal the day, I have been the uncle said that, if true in an afterlife, I would like to choose to do in Nepal cattle, cattle in Nepal because it is a very happy. In Nepal, cow is the embodiment of God, is not allowed to be hurt.

   Thus, the cattle become Nepal's first-class citizens, who must comply with all rules, which are not required to comply with. Several head of cattle lying on the road between the sun, or to cross the street Man Youyou, all the drivers and pedestrians will have no alternative but to wait. Nepal has almost become a peculiar landscape. Nepal is also available in the dog, it is the world's most lazy dog, because we in Nepal of a few days, rarely see them clearly on the way, only to see the day the day sound asleep.

   Leave the monkey temple, when we arrived at the car filled the sails of the world, we know that this is the world's largest existing pagoda - rich Kazakhstan Buddha (Bouddhanath Stupa)! It is said that this is China's Tibetan lamas focus on the local, of course, walking in here, the best of the Dalai Lama like to mention less sensitive vocabulary Miao! She is so happy today ! !

   Breadth of Kazakhstan and the Big Buddha Temple, like the monkey, which is a pair of big eyes of the pagoda, in Nepal, this double "Buddha Meditation" (all seeing eyes) the big eyes everywhere. That the eyes are the window of the soul, this dual-Nepal's eyes, so I am in awe.

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