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You are Beautiful


Decoration Posté le Vendredi 11 Juillet 2008 à 08h23
   Cars can in such a posture Liangli the road, before the brain is not in default. We should know that these artists are the intelligence to rush the harvest festival Changzi, then, the protagonist of this harvest festival, then what kind of ingenuity, which is how the Tianmaxingkong ah »enveloping his speculation on such a show in front of us, Look, what is the matter?they are here!
   Luke classes stretches of streets of flowers, each family are the most bright decoration suggestive of the eye of tourists, both house and external walls, Pengding, Chuangyan, every draw is a beautiful lines, Color, Chujing is the highest rate of corporation look like flowers and the large lanterns Gabing. Long-term because of "Shenmeipilao" and character to become the visual nerve Kangfen Suddenly, the Bulls Zhuangjian live like a bright red.
   Not only that, this one dressed in the color of the giant Wedding "bride", the body from top to bottom also distributed a mysterious and warm aroma, so I Coujin in a fixed window, one metre in diameter near the purple flowers and Mission Olfactory, days, even a rice Qingxiang! Asked one, the answer was yes - for all the harvest festival embellishment housing decoration, must be eating fruits and vegetables or rice in the local dialect, Harvest festival called Pahiyas, "dressed up the room" was conveyed. Still wonder, how can we changed the living rice,
   Jiao-yan of the flowers out to «spent 20 pesos to buy a few Xiusekecan the rice leaves, who runs the principles will be produced Hupantuochu: Daocheng first rice paste, Added to the various colors of pigment, followed by the leaf-shaped like a rolling dice, Rice leaves on the molding; will be dozens of films, more than 100 film series leaves woven together, there will be a different shape, happy auspicious Gabing .

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