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You are Beautiful


The exhibition hall Posté le Samedi 12 Juillet 2008 à 04h34
   Dublin, the largest flow of tourists in the urban areas, even the Guinness Book of Heipi gallery! "Guinness" is the "Guinness"-another. The English are the two Guinness, the famous "Guinness Book of World Records" is that the Guinness Book of Heipi a successful creative.
   Guinness Heipi wrapped inside the exhibition hall as a cream, wrapped in chocolate hard shell outside the candy. It then installed a rigid external outline of the fashionable glass, natural light and artificial light makes ingenious integration. Visitors to climb over the narrow stairs, into the spacious courtyard, like entering an interesting bottle.
    After the money to pay the tickets, each visitor will receive a palm-sized "rock", a Guinness Book of Heipi above the mark. When visitors to climb up the top floor, the face is the Gravity Bar, "stone" is the Gravity Bar of the ticket, bar the reception it received, remove embedded inside a small steel, then it returned to you as a souvenir, And then give you a glass of Guinness on the inverted Heipi. Heipi a cup in hand, through the transparent glass windows, a 360-degree panorama overlooking the city (see left), the taste is called Miaobukeyan.Japanese Flower Arrangement Modern Flower Arrangements Flower Arrangement Flower School

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