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sunlight Posté le Mardi 15 Juillet 2008 à 08h02
  The next day from Aswan to Abu Simbel temple. Early in the morning all the tourists are concentrated in a city street. Government due to security considerations, the provisions of the morning by armed soldiers escorting visitors to the temple. In clearance card, wearing a yellow short-sleeved uniform of the soldiers in roadside open-air canteen, drinking hot sweet black tea and Summer Flooding quench their thirst, although do not know whether or not drink clean, but watching very Yan Chan.
    Abu Simbel in southern Egypt, a freshman from two small temples composition, Today is a nice day!the left has enormous seated in the temple, the sun temple in name, is actually my Ramesses II Memorial.
   The entrance of the temple is four huge stone statue of Ramesses II, 31 meters high, people walked barefoot out of high, very magnificent. The temple is actually an artificial cave mining group, has more than 10 large and small caves, walls, pillars on Keman the beautiful statues and relief. The temple is the greatest miracle, "SG" - February 21 in each of Rameses II's birthday on October 21, and his accession to the throne, a bouquet of sunlight will penetrate 61 meters long cave, Accurate Zhaodao Titan's face, to be followed by Zhaodao Ramesses II and the god Amun. This is not by chance, but after careful calculation. The temple in 1956 due to be inundated by the threat of the temple will be financed by the United Nations cutting block transfer to a safe level. After each "SG" visit the whole time delay for a day. The right is Nifeitali Queen small temple, though small, but there are also six Juxiang, 10 meters high, equivalent to three floors.

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