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You are Beautiful


bright mirror Posté le Mercredi 16 Juillet 2008 à 08h19
   In the next, is an establishment in 1961 of the new church, the old church became the memorial ! The new church is gray, like a modern style of office, the old church shorter than the height of the, it is not from the eyes, but only at night under the lights Ying Chen into the blue, blue lights through the Charles Matutes-fired glass to the construction, it is very beautiful. People are not taboo left!traces of the war, also did not mind intentions of alternatives to complete their needs, and this is the thinking Bolin Ren, do not forget history, the same pursuit of new development, the two left together even if it is not coordinated ! Able to maximize meet their needs.
    German said, watching as the Berlin talks a love, That is the first to feel attractive Jidong, and then must take face the reality of Cubujifang is demanding before finally understand the need to rely on their own hands have their owny. Just a three-day visit would be Zoumaguanhua, there are also many places but can only leave hasty glimpse of the Berlin awareness can only be stopped in a shallow on the surface, but on memories of Berlin, managed I come from a spiritual touch.
History is always a very fair and very bright mirror.

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