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You are Beautiful


losses Posté le Jeudi 2 Octobre 2008 à 05h25
The thought of demon M, was pleased to feel that she is a light at the Department Liu Yi calm, but can be heart-to-heart girl. The first phone call to see her because of her text, she said she was in a bad mood. At that time, suddenly felt a little of the distressed, like his own little light to warm the blink of her quiet. Has not remember that night and her phone in what has been said, only remember her voice a little low, speak very clearly organized, she did not have the impetuosity of this age. Through voice, I imagined a phone Naduan girls should have a round, serene face, with bright eyes, and bright and clean water, the young right forehead. In the darkness, slowly, softly spoke the words soft, very cute way. M demon is very simple, very little emotional as I have a few years ago, often for a number of different people and confusing language, is not worried about doing their own is not enough. These can be, since I had talked with her after she was no longer able to properly deal with anxiety, because I believe that by virtue of her own intelligence and control is entirely their own emotional balance with the reality of the network gains and losses. Chinese Pin Yin Putonghua Course For Foreigner Mandarin Lesson Study Chinese
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