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You are Beautiful


disease Posté le Mercredi 22 Octobre 2008 à 09h36
Fishing in the forum, I often made more fishing articles and pictures of the fish I caught the edge of ponds and beauty, of particular interest to him, and with a warm note. Tan fishing in the interaction between the article, we became the heart push home the resumption of the "iron buddy." Until I added the QQ after he exposed the truth, he is and I admire the spirit in the fight against the disease, often to encourage and comfort me, but we still buddies to say. Mini ITX He was a soldier when Sichuanese and deal like the Sichuanese bold character and dialects, often say in Sichuan dialect, I am making a ridiculous. Although I repeatedly stressed: "Chongqing is a municipality, Chongqing who I am." Go its own way but he does not call me when the "de Wazi," "Guagua" I will be letting nature take its course, as he called it. In order to let him less lonely, I often go downtown in the evening in the QQ him, because he said his home had a computer, television and all the lights all started for the home is to make some angry, will not mind a Blank. He always insisted on their own cooking, and keep at home when the wife of a kind. One day I knocked him, he returned as saying: "buddies Bienao, today is Qixi Festival, China and North is my day, I want to pay his respects and Shaozhi her, and she said to speak, you go play," I was on Moved to tears, for the North China there is still infatuated with a husband and happy for her unfortunate and sad death.
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