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You are Beautiful


drink Posté le Vendredi 7 Novembre 2008 à 08h37

Always in the coldest winter time to go home. The strip of pebbles on the roadside, the green grass in the wind, or a presumptuous on the floor, it seems to be spreading to the middle of the road, the road on both sides of the rice fields after the harvest only straw, rotten to the root. Xiaopo a walk, to bypass a bend on a home. In my hometown, is a wine of the winter season. One winter, the village of Sake on Piaoman aromatic. Home, where the brazier of carbon has been burned red, on a brazier casserole is hot in the Yihu Jiu, a touch of wine-filled room. His father was, as usual, to a glass of wine, asked me to warm up. I remember the first drink of the wine is handed to me by my father, my father said: "know how to drink before they know how to live." Rela La When the liquor over the throat, I think the more the spirit of a sudden, no one choking feeling . Jade-like rice liquor Hong elegant, dry mouth off, Chang Yue aftertaste - that I was suitable for drinking. "But we can not drink alcohol, so you can become a moderate person." Father said to me this way. This is normal, then I can feel and Li Bai's "Choudao water flow more water, more melancholy toast Xiaochou worry," comparable. I have to drink a cup of free interest. In the cold winter, there will not be any "long drink three glasses of 2, how the enemy to his night wind" of melancholy. It is necessary to learn to drink wine in the hot. 've Got enough to drink will not be able to achieve the purpose of the physical and psychological benefits;'ve got over the alcohol cook on the light. Hot wine is like life, to pay a bit, a little gain............
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