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You are Beautiful


stalemate. Posté le Vendredi 7 Novembre 2008 à 08h37

Hot wine is not just the technical teaching of his father. I went to the drop in the winter time there will always be hot wine school. So I said: "I'm hot wine is a technical director of the collection of hundreds, perhaps better than his father's hot." The father said, "When you have not set a time when hundreds of director of the I-1000 has been a director of." It seems that this is customary in the village, the head of the family that are staples of 10,000 long, there will always be the Understand their own say in the awarding of the others. In winter, the village is a happy event of the season again and again, ultimately, happy wine more songs ultimately, wine. Parents enthusiastically sing, a descendant who learn to sing, if one were to open Jinkou ancestors, and that is the best gift, it seems that they always sing the well-being of a lifetime. The song is the hometown of wine has not fixed the lyrics, the main intention is to go to knitting. Singing the same tune out the ever-changing feelings, like a silkworm chrysalis, Pianfei of beautiful butterflies, mysterious and hard to find people. Song of the wine it is not just drift in the happy event, in every ray of aromatic rice wine, each in a warm sake, in the hot wine when the emotional investment, in every sentence into full blessing of the discourse between ... ... Each of the memorable moments are filling the most touching songs of wine, just like the village's longest epic, the record of catching people in the village concerned about the stalemate. ...........
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