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You are Beautiful


danger Posté le Lundi 10 Novembre 2008 à 09h19

Jane, do not say, 153 hours of hard to support the more tired and more tired when she was rescued and taken to hospital after she was relieved, that she He had saved, do not need to continue trying to turn the struggling hard, so her life will become irreparable. In an extreme situation, not continued survival of life, and life itself adhere to the edge of great importance, not quick relief for a few minutes a few minutes of slow. Even if the rescue workers three days later to the rescue Chen Jian, his survival is a belief in the eternal light, the same may be able to illuminate his life to save Out of danger at the moment. At the edge of life and death of people, beliefs were strong immortality life extension, lack of conviction is life following the recession will not.6 study in china Ocean Freight Container Chinese Language
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