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You are Beautiful


reduction Posté le Lundi 10 Novembre 2008 à 09h20

As the saying goes, do not go out scholar, in a position to approach the world. Indeed, even if the electricity is a lot of days when the Eight Diagrams A Letter From Primitive Creatures from all sides, not the spread of network television, just the people will be able to transfer to collect a lot of local news. The most they have a person fall badly battered, and tomorrow someone broke his hand, broke his leg in this Kuaikuai An Men needle large buttocks, jumped at least a dozen seriously injured people were slightly injured Countless. The most surprising thing is that a woman was knocked ice on the roof of the ice-Zade halo prone on the floor for a long time, then get up himself, not the head Popi, let alone the blood, she as usual Ice-breaking in to clear the way. Noon meal, she can not see what all of a sudden, she and her family tension, thus helping people carry go to the hospital for treatment. After the medical examination that the brain is affected by the trauma, intracranial hemorrhage form of oppression block her optic nerve, we must craniotomy. Lying on the operating table, just have to undergo an operation, the hospital has a power failure, she Jiling, jumped, the power ah, hey, I can see how there are candles lit ah, as if nothing had happened and then left, Make all transfixed. She was not operated on it. Her power to escape the hardship of the flesh. This may be unfortunate in the big fortune. A few days of freezing, a branch covered with a heavy Shen, sparkling fruit ice, and many trees are not carrying the weight of overload, mostly broken tree trunks, branches are cut off some. There are senior members of the Agriculture predicted that this year's fruit will be a substantial reduction.learn mandarin Overseas Shipping Containers Used Cargo Container
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