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A person's love Posté le Vendredi 5 Février 2010 à 04h07

That year, she was 16 years old,FirstIn love with a boy. He is not very high, Sisiwenwen, but likes to play football, have a good deep voice, a very good, is often the first class. Although at the time, puppy love is not a big deal, girls chasing boys are no longer news, and she was not the kind of inward-lookingGirl. But she never thought to ask him to declare, but that could have been so far to appreciate him, good. At that time, she often met him in the street, say hello happy half-day, and often do not go back to school, but another lap on the playground enclosure jogging, just to watch him play. She also learned to stack Lucky day on that little piece of paper to write a wish to say to him, then mount into the form of small Lucky Star,HappyPlaced in large bottle. She often looked at him like, boys like him should be be like the kind of gentle and considerate girl bar, the kind with a long straight black hair, has a big pair of wateryEyes,HappyWhen will Minzui smile girl. Her hair was dark, but only to the ears short side, she has big eyes, but often because of laughing Micheng a seam. She often mirror to think that, ifDayShe became the kind of girl, he would not like her. But would like to go to, she ran every month barber shop and took a little long hair cut short to the ears a little edge, or encountered a funny thingLoveTo laugh together, smiling eyes narrowed a seam.

Her hard work in order toLoveThe struggle.

She was 19 years old, admitted to a not very good but not bad university. His normal play, test another one to the city's major universities. She sat the train to leave the small town of Health, when she raised her, brings to mind is her bit by bit with his memories. College life is a life of 20 days of arduous military training kicked off of. The evening before going to the other girls are secretly hiding his blanket call with her boyfriend Hu SuAcaciaFeelings, she many times you press the number keys of those few are familiar with, has not pressed that call button. Nineteen years ago, for the first time to know what thoughts, the original, thinking of the kind that people can somehow fellTearsStrength. Four years of college life for too long, lively andLovelyShe is never a lack of sidePursuitPersons, but she has chosen to remain single. People's hearts softened asked the reason, she always smiled and said: "school as the most important citizenship." She is indeed very hard to learn, just to test his university graduate students. Four years, continuously variable length of her hair, she did not again cut short. Old classmates first gathering, we can see both her eyes bright, a black long straight hair, watery eyes due to just right of the eye shadow and even more glorious, rosy skin, from time to time sip mouth smile, have no tolerance which is a small old clown. When he saw her mind one can not help but move, but then his hand was Accompanied another woman's slender slender waist. She looked at him that is more gentle than their charming woman, a good way to conceal the heart of the slightest loss, only faint smile to him, saying, "Long time no see."

She was a strong and strong for him.

She was 22 years old, to first place in the university admitted that he would not graduate. He did not continue to PubMed, into a foreign-funded enterprises, job well done, very quickly reached a six-figure salary. She continued to live a monotonous and even boring student life, and adhere to a single. A vacation home, a door pull off the side of her mother put her with great earnestness, "daughter ah, reading a good thing. But theWomanIs always going to marryLifeSon, this is the end result ah. "She nodded, brought back into the room finishing luggage. Start with the box out of a bottle full of Lucky Star, placed in shelves. Bookshelves Lucky row of bottles are full, just six bottles.

Her dedication to faith and perseverance.

She was 25 years old, relying on key university master's degree and excellent results, quickly find a good job, a monthly salary of the 10000. He has now had their companies, the business grew and grew. The third branch opened, when he and a daughter of Deputy MayorMarriage, And happiness. Out that she had attended a grand wedding, to hear the person next to talk about the groom young and promising, a talented, the bride's family celebrated, Liuyang back, pretty flowery really a pair of Biren. She looked at him too proud smiles, and my heart would come to a DangqiHappinessTheFeel, Inexplicable feeling, as if to him thatSmileBlossoming of woman is the same as their own.

She firmly believed that she was convinced that change.

She was 26 years old, married to the company's a colleague and two people from acquaintances to get married less than six monthsTime, The short that she did not know whether the pairLoveToo. Their wedding in her strong request Gaode is very simple, only invited a few close friends. That night she drank a lot of wine, for the first time to drink so much wine, not drunk, but Tude ********。 She looked in the mirror in the bathroom goes on under the water vapor transpiration gradually blurred the face for the first time a kind of an impulse to want to cry. But finally, she put makeup make up a good post going to continue to play the role of a happy bride. Of her coat pocket, there she was folded in a hasty morning, Lucky Star, which read, "Today, I am married to another woman had. But I know. I still love him."

She always had the same one pairs of her heart.

She was 36 years old, living a quiet comfortable life. Chance encounter in the street one day old classmates, chat from him, and actually learned that his business failed, and dealt a heavy blow after the bars all day, broken up. She finally found a several days in a small bar to find him. She did not call him, but handed him a bank book, that which is all her savings, and then he said, "I believe you can start over." He opened books, a huge number of his disbelief, the so-called The relatives and friends heard him say "borrow" the word on the cold-opposite Bierbuxian, she is a fast forgotten the name of his old classmates, are so generous? She is still a faint smile and said, "FriendShould help each other do not. "Her husband knew that night, after a heavy palm immediately dumped over, yelled:" The millions of silent on the whole to him, you are not fancy people the! "She was then slap down on the ground, noTearsNor speak, but did not answer her husband asks. Although she has never had to admit that she loved him, but she will never deny to others that she loved him.

She loves him for himself as well as to the future.

Her 40-year-old that year, his company has become the industry's most competitive with several large companies. With 2 million that night, he and his company's 10 percent stake in the transfer of books to her family. Her husband, while cheerfully said, "do not have such a polite Well, friends help each other should be," the side of the book signed in the name of the transfer of shares. She says nothing, only said one simple sentence, "Better to stay for dinner." He did not agree reason. Food came, he was surprised to find their own favorite dishes are a few. But he looked up and saw her face full of quiet for her husband when her son Jia Cai hearts look relieved, feeling that they want more. Before I left, when he took out a pocket invitations, said laughingly: "I hope you can since that time." She thought it was that he opened another branch, do not think that Italy and readily took on the sofa . Away, he turned back to the kitchen washing dishes when her husband suddenly heard loud, "said a rich man on theMerrySure enough, this statement is true ah. See you this old classmates, so quickly they had married a second. "Her hand-Yi Chan, Po Wan has been a gap designated a moment of blood suddenly flooded out, then drop drop drop down non-stop. She looked at Napian suffused with reddish water, suddenly remembered the fifteen That smile blossoming woman before that body wedding, it seems that is this color.

In order to change her own heart and strong.

She was 55 years old, one day suddenly collapsed at home and was sent to the hospital. After some examination, doctors face a heavy, we should speak of her husband aside. After all, she is an intelligent woman. Stopped doctors, she was asked earnestly, "I can Huoji Tian?" Three months, and film with much more clever, and really did not expect to be in life is like a play this sentence. Persisted in his refusal hospitalization, she returned home and began to prepare for their funeral. A person living a lifetime, to explain things over with. Receive the message after another came to see friends and family one last time. He is the last one. She was lying in bed, unconscious has already begun, but one can see it in his hand carved Lucky, immediately sober over, seems Huiguangfanzhao. "This is to me?" She pointed sinking, Lucky Star, his face actually reveal a trace of a smile. He quickly replied, "ah, yes. Yes ah. This is what I bring to you." How serendipitously this is nothing but the airport he was met Gang Chu of the Red Cross fund-raising that little girl sent, he was anxious to see her, and took none of them ever come to see what it could actually get on the train, and all the way consciousness is not holding. She took Lucky sinking, and grabbed a hold onto trying to get on their chests. Finally, she pointed to the table next to it has also put a lucky star above, when she spent more than an hour last night was folded, and slowly he said: "I've lived in the house, There are 39 cans Lucky Star. waiting for me cremated, you put those two together and I put this together, okay? "before he could answer, she has Heshangyanjing, his face serene. She was cremated that day, he followed her wishes to those Lucky scattered in her body, 39 cans, careless rolled 12 on the ground had not discovered. He turned to go, when, suddenly found that there are two on the ground. Pick

Up, he thought, forget, it was on to leaveMemorialBar.

Only love of her life he was a human being.

His 70-year-old. One day, he wears reading glasses when reading in the garden. Four-year old grandson suddenly holding two small note, and excitedly ran to him, and cried, "Grandpa, Grandpa, taught me to literacy." As he helped the Rotary glasses, to see the first note on the Zhang word, "Jie, you today wearing a blue ball of that body suit a good Kane. Also, six of this number I also like it, Hehe." He frowned and asked grandchildren, "Zhang note you have two Where got from? "" This is not a note ah, this is your desk, on which two small stars, ah. I opened it, found inside the word, oh! "he said Yi Leng, Zaiqu Look at Second Zhang note, "Jie, there is a happiness, there is a make your life regardless of all those who love him."

NoLoveThe chess game, the remaining black-and-day confrontation, if I reallyLove you. Do you believe there is no love of the game of chess, less of theSympathyPut in more attacks, I would like a step by step close to you, but even moreSad, Made me even more sad. Dare to lose this chess could not believe it belongs to my two love the game of wits, I am king, you are the opposite that beautyqueen, outside of their own to defend a Platonic love.

I think you definitely not intentional, really going to hurtmehurtmehurtme, when the hitDestinedCan not be played after the retreat, our only rivalry is mutual distrust and suspicion, really regret why should we participate in this game. You leave me alone singing monologue, there is no opponent's love of truth is just a farce, which is home to the castle a matter of fact, or dodging the brave soldiers, I want to lose, and who is going to submit this proposal

"There is a happiness, there is a desperate love, he lets you lifetime. He consecration and remembered, burst into tears.

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