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US sentiment of love on the campus paper Posté le Vendredi 5 Février 2010 à 04h08

"Guan Guanju dove in the river of the continents. My Fair Lady, Marty." "Body without Cai-feng Flying wing minds think alike." "2LoveIf a long time But this is not the whole days spent. "....LoveIs the eternal theme of poetry.LoveLove is like an oasis in the desert, at a difficult time for us to help; likeSeaThe aids to navigation, in the confusion the road gave us a direction; as they wait in the room heaters, warm in the cold to us. AtLifeOn the road, if there is no love, will be stripped of one very good memories, a wonderful experience.

Love, from peopleLoveIt has been to get old, has been with us for growth. Love is the people'sEmotionalPillar, love the beginning, declaring with a person farewell single, to announce the beginning of two people's lives, maybe we can say goodbye to lonely an option when people are not all like one person alone, there are good things together when you need someone to share,SadComfort when they need people, there is a shoulder you can rely on. Some people say that a single is a free, but no single person is like to have been down.

Some people will believeLove at first sight, Some people it is illusory, but tend to gradually understanding and communication. But once found in each other's good, we should take advantage of this opportunity, and love is not a man thing. Now people's lives more and more pressure, how much people want to be found in the vast sea can be a comfort to the soul Harbor.

Concerning the present college studentsLove. Youth youthful university student full of love mustRomanticTheFantasyAnd look forward to. Turning to love, people think it is the most beautiful, most romantic thing. The mention of campus love, it must be the most pure love. Maybe in some years ago, love the campus is prohibited and considered it a waste ofTime. But now with the changes of the times, campus love has slowly been accepted.

However, the reasons for talking about love, for each is different. Some people are really good people to find their own, but that the person has their own good, so the two fall in love, while some people, is due to the extra spare time, faced with a new, colorful university life. Fresh and curiosity at the brief, after a long homesickness will be haunting mood, and most students have only one child, a relative weakening in the ability to live independently, with little experience of collective life, sometimes difficult to adapt to the dual pressures of studying and living, once the Learning Objectives not clear, there will inevitably be emptiness, boredom, to see the students out of the surrounding double-entry right, Huaqianyuexia, had been in love to the temptation to go, but in their minds do not understand love of the sea.

Students love is more good than harm or more harm than good, has been eyes of the beholder, the wise views about that. Love a good support for the view that two people may be concerned about life, love for each other; the spirit of mutual promotion and mutual comfort, to lift feelings of homesickness; studies encouraged each other to jointly improve and promote the two sides enhanced motivated. Two people can go to a book, study together, you can also keep company will not be so lonely.

Unfavorable view of people who think that college students love the school during the first early access to two of the world, energy is too scattered, not conducive to the cultivation of self-motivated, may affect their studies. And college students in love during the many contradictions, setbacks large, often difficult to grasp accurately moderate. Though university students are already physically mature, but the existence of the unbalanced nature of psychological development, emotional, volatile, easilyFeelingsIn power. Said that love is good, and that this is actually an idealized love, in real life, you will find that real love is not so good.

If you can not be properly handle the contradiction between two people, it will affect everyone'sMoodPerhaps this will affect the learning, it is inevitable, when the reading was also thinking about who is right, it is surely not good. So, need two people had to mutual understanding, mutual concern, more exchanges you have any question must be, and the caller said, not stuffy in their hearts, so just like the same wine, but would get stuffed the less taste good. As the class the teacher said, theGirlDo not let the mindBoyGuess, because he is not the worms you which goes, he did not know what you are thinking to get along in real time, this romance is not needed.

College students in love, interpersonal interaction point strongly, often with the original partners, alienation, and even from the mass, resulting in students affected by the gap between the unity of the collective sense of responsibility have been replaced by Nannvzhiqing is detrimental to the individual roles The shape and growth, is not conducive to collective development. The trend of finding employment after graduation is also a long bedeviled love the sensitive issues of college students, a four-yearFeelings, Whether or not really pay, is by no means the end of one end of the can, we should start thinking now how romantic, but also think ofDayThe end of what will be the outcome.

Students are in the thinking and behavior to grow and develop, each person has their own ideas, can do both without regret? Or is a wayward student times, although the physiological maturity, but they are still not the case, saying that for the sake of each other, but are peers, which would be willing to blame all that they are right. Most college students love being bitter, a failure. The Outlook on Love of contemporary college students showed very unstable attitude, due to social experience, the lack of life experience, combined with the ideological outlook on life, values, far from perfect. Contemporary college students in his psychology of love there is always an ideal model, ideologically out of idealistic, in love on their own to find the ideal model of the object, in the process of interaction is also the ideal model of its own to carry out exchanges, if there is 1:00 with his model did not want to meet, fall in love on the imminent failure, but often the process of interaction and look for the object, there are many practical considerations, but because of the contemporary college students Outlook on Love immature, too idealistic, then ignores the practical reality situation. Eventually lead to realistic love.

To talk about the phenomenon of love on the campus, some people would love as a whole, may have been overlooked in order to love everything, you can in order toLoversCame a thousand miles, but it will not go back and look at their parents, you can not go to school in order to go to an appointment that this is the vigorous love, is not true, what is the vigorous, the simple is perhaps the most vigorous. Students love more attention to the emotional pleasure,PursuitRealityHappySense of two people contacts in the period, often arranged in a schedule for each festival each other gifts are sparse ordinary things, in the campus, often see boys in girls downstairs, the number of red flowers and courtship way to make were shocking, in theValentine's DayAnd the lover's birthday, when is the painstaking efforts of a large banquet,

Carefully prepared to allow the other sideFeelTo surprise, as if to declare the same as the whole world. Want the whole world can watch their love, in fact, love is two hot thing, people say that good or that bad Yehao, it is someone else's ideas. Do not have to view the distress of others.

Now the so-called off-site love that two people do not together, can not meet every day, it It sounds very romantic, but this ratio togetherCouplesWorse, unless we do not argue otherwise, on the phone, a word or two is absolutely clear, it will be piled up deep contradictions. This is even more need to communicate more to say.

However, it was love, and people mayLovelornAfter a period of coexistence, it was found in fact that he was not looking for the person, or do not meet the requirements of our hearts, that we must aim for daring to Ganai, since the beginning with the courage to choose, but also the courage to choose let go, perhaps he really is not your only life in a passing, do not lovers also can be doneFriendMay have been due to face, in fact, what is not, do not care about other people's feelings.

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