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Ouyang love tragedy Posté le Vendredi 5 Février 2010 à 04h08

Huizhou, Guangdong Province a day after the sudden change at night into a day is more thanBusyMore lai avenue. Come down in painter somebody painting and sketching. Nepalese sell their hand-made arts and crafts of local small shops selling counterfeit T-shirts, fake watches, sweaters, accessories and so on.

Here is another gaudy world. Often encountered here, a hawker selling ring ring he was selling fluorescent tube is caused by each one as big as the palm of your hand baby invariably heart-shaped. Always think the world would there be a special sale ofLoveHawker, in his stall Tanqian whatLoveLoveWe do not have to let Zaixun select customers seek to find.

Ouyang and her dating the first day, we Huizhou Digital Street in the left again Ouyang bought a heart-shaped ring to her. Now it seems you have to give back a little bit but I hope you will accept. Ouyang said. I like ah! Summer at Grandpa say I brought the ring in her hand just right, and she smiled at me,

I told Dongdong dating as early as a few months before they know she is myFriendFriends. One night I received a phone my friend told me to go sing karaoke rooms Kara OK and that it is OK to me here. Tonton originally my friend's high school classmates whoEverIs better than later lost contact on the street on the morning of the reunion so to celebrate. My friend called Seiji is a sentimentalWomanOftenLoveBut Tonton seemed very honest and did not like her.

Kara OK to leave their home after Ouyang is responsible for seeing Hasty is the last one off of. I asked her to phone number when I was almost nervousForgetTheir own for whom.

Ouyang is about two weeks after her dinner. We Sanyang hotel's Grill for dinner and then I in the street bought a heart-shaped ring to her. This is already six years ago, hawkers selling rings are still there in the streets every night, but the heart-shaped ring had disappeared.

I remember Tonton said. . I am the patron saint of her home telephone and television bad for almost a month, I am tired of the garage will Ouyang know for me the garage and then a very serious lesson me: bad things to the garage. I threw rotten temper alarm clock at home but he immediately bought a new to me at times like these, he connived at my side.

DayI have no reason toSadTelephone calls to his phone I was choked with sobs, he anxiously asked me: What happened? Is someone bullying you? Is not what is at workHappy? I did not just want to hear your voice. I cried. Ouyang ironic: You is not heard my voice it?WhyWould also like to cry? To hear your voice very muchMovedSo we could not help but cry Well! Summer at Grandpa to Ouyang coquetry, next she often took the issue to make fun of me, call me, it is often said to me: I would like to hear your voice. Hum.

Ouyang If there is anything wrong that he's too possessive, and he wished me to all of theTimeGave him.

Fortunately, Young's work is often leave the house, he is not Huizhou when I can get some privateSpace. I would like toLove a personShould also accept his shortcomings bar. If one day he did not need me to all his time to him I might have not used it.


Today, after work, back home, Hasty received a rainy day the phone, she was a bit surprised that he had been for ten years to emigrate to why the sudden call to find her?

A Summer at Grandpa are you? His voice was hearty.

Not bad. She said.

I just returned from overseas to come back Guangdong can come out to meet?

She and rain Meet the top floor restaurant in the hotel to meet that day happens to be her vacation.

She did not think rain will return. Five years ago, he hadPursuitHer but she refused him. She remembers that night, he told her to declare that he was very like me. I said: We do not have possible.

Later, he Chande I'm terrible, I refused to take issue with him to meet, he called me the phone I coldly told him: I am right you do not have the kind ofFeelI will never love you I do not barely good? ManyGirlYou find their son a good bar!

Since then, he did not obtain other me. A few months later he went to the field sent a letter to me is very much concerned about the effect that I like but I did not reply. I was only18-year-oldDo not know how to take care of other people's feelings is why a lot ofHurtIf his remarks today, I certainly would not say I will never like him. Go to the restaurant I almost do not recognize summer rain days, he changed a lot the past that he is a chubby face covered with acne now is like reborn face acne without the tall standards that are very handsome.

A Summer at Grandpa are you? He warmly greeted me.

I really do not believe he has become so attractive.

You change a lot. I said.

I left the Guangdong only, but 18-year-old. He said.

I remember him one year younger than me.

What you do now? He asked me.

老师. I said

Your previousDreamIs also a teacher!

That's right! You?

A doctor, I volunteer is actually not a doctor - why? Because I know you will be a teacher so I have to become a doctor so that the spirit seemed to be very close to you is not silly? I was surprised by Debu know how to answer his. I thought oh, what with what.

Miserable days of medical school, but think of you and I can survive. He said

YouGirlfriendDo? I asked him I did not want him to bring things in the past

A total of eight years, with the two girls talked toLoveAre used to replace all of your finished.

I also have aBoyfriendI am also concerned about youMarriageA. He said.

Not yet.

Huizhou changed a lot. Xia Yu looked out the window, said.


What place is definitely going to tour?

West paste this decade have changed a lot. I said.

You can stroll with me do? He asked me.

No problem.

And I walk along the waterfront Summer Rain After ten years I do not know what to say to him.

You stay with me one day your boyfriend will be jealous do? He asked me.

He is not a business trip in Guangdong, and

Xia Yu sent me back home, he asked me at the door: I will stay here for two weeks, you can stroll around with me do?

I would like to see if we could get the holiday. I said.

Oh good, for your boyfriend What's your name?

Ouyang Jill I said.

Oh, oh, good to hear the name. . I think people should be very nice to?

En he was very nice to me,,,


I would swap a three-day holiday with my colleagues do not know why I would like to accompany summer rain.

Ouyang, four days later to come back three days spent exactly Lai Pei Xia Yu.

This three days we have a lot of fun really changed a lot of summer rain, he matured, intelligent, fun, and I have not been forgotten.

But you refused, after I had half a year not want to eat something one month lost over 10 pounds, he said,

I'm sorry I do not want to hurt you - I want to explain.

He put his hand by pressing my mouth: do not apologize I do not hate you I have not forgotten you. We are in the room to embrace him tightly and hugged me and I felt a kind of has never been warm. I very much regret that he had no choice ten years ago. I have not forgotten you. His kiss on my lips to remove my clothes, I feel sorry but I can not resist Xia Yu Ouyang I told him to sleep.

I get up at 6:00. I would like to morning shift. I told him.

I send you;

There is no need;

I hurried back to school; Ouyang and returned to pick me up from work. Is there miss me? He asked me. I deceive him the past few days my mind there is only summer rain;

My OuyangLoveWhen the mind is only thinking of summer rain. You have nothing to do to? Ouyang asked me;

The next day I called Summer Rain. Can talk to you to meet? I asked him.

I am to the hotel I asked him once again we seem to burn the whole person, I just want to tell him.

No you already have a boyfriend. He said.

I broke up with him. I seem to like enchanted.

I do not want to come back to you and your boyfriend break up two days after I leave. Pain, he said he also seemed to like enchanted.

ILove you. I told him.

I have decided to break with Ouyang him I do not want to cheat.

When you are not a Guangdong to pursue me in a previousBoyCame back to me. I told him.

Sudden change in his face.

I slept with him, and it more than once. I said

Ouyang pain may also distort the face.

Ouyang; Sorry, I have to look for him,

Ouyang quietly left him hating me.


To the airport to the summer rain I called him to come to the airport to meet me.

I saw the flutter Xia Yu in his arms told him: I broke up with Ouyang.

He for me to baggage onto the car.

Is not to your home? I asked him.

You do not set the hotel? He asked me.

Hotel? I did not think he asked me to the hotel.

No. I said.

I have for you to find one in the city center.

I did not take issue with him in the car to speak.

He took me to a downtown hotel.

You are not going to call my home? I asked him.

My home is not easy to live with my girlfriend with me. He said.

Girlfriend? I Xiangyemoxiang too.


I am furious: So why do you --

Why return to Guangdong to find you? He asked me that you refuse me before you remember how you refused to me? You say you will never love me I wanted to try you is not never liked me.

What do you mean? I asked him.

You used to look down on me and I look down upon you now. He sneered.

I mercilessly slapped him a slap in the face.

I just want to confirm only. He said with a smile.

You said you did not forget me are false.

I have in his account he just came back to my proud day retaliation.

I feel greatly ashamed I even told him to get on Xiukui De had two beds! I carried my luggage ran up a taxi back to airport.

At the airport waiting for two days and nights last organic spaces in Guangdong.

Originally, I wanted to come back again to find Young's when I step on land in Guangdong, I suddenly lost the courage to face me to find what Yan Ouyang? Do I have to tell him that I went to someone else's when demand him to accept me?

My phone recorder is not a message Sukeaki not find me.

Seiji told me that Au would not forgive me.

I looked at my alarm clock he gave why the alarm clock did not wake me?

Tonight I had a 12 o'clock a man walking on the street come down in painter gone hawkers selling ring up selling counterfeit purses.

Miss buy love? A voice asked me.

I looked back to see a hawker stand in the lights sometime in the corner asked me in front of him not only his own goods, a smiling face.

I continue to move forward and then go back to when he was gone.

Is it true that there are hawkers selling love? S love at the same time I want to buy back my dignity


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