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Notre vie en Thaïlande

Myriama et Roderick à Chang Mai

13/03/2010 - NATIONAL ELEPHANTS DAY Posté le Samedi 13 Mars 2010 à 08h28

Just back from lunch with 100 odd elephants!

National Elephant Day here. For Buddhists -Thailand is 95% buddhist - the elephant ranks second only to humans in the order of things. A veritable feast for the elephants - MASSIVE bamboo tables are laid out & ladened with literally tons of bananas, watermellons, sugar-cane..... the elephants, their blue-clad mahouts atop, assemble at the table in a most orderly fashion to create a most organnised formal affair. 

The elephants pass their weeks away entertaining tourists - its a good show, in fact, with the elephants playing soccer, darts (against a team selected at random from the spectators), showing their strength with logging tasks for which they were originally used in Thailand, even painting canvasses some that sell for tens of thousands of dollars. The concept of an elephant having a long memory can clearly be seen in the art - the  ''painters' have clear styles that are readily identifiable in their work.




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