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Notre vie en Thaïlande

Myriama et Roderick à Chang Mai

09/02/2010 - TRIBAL MUSEUM Posté le Mardi 9 Février 2010 à 08h31

Headed back to the floating restaurants overlooking the Tribal Museum - always a total hit with anyone you take there. Crowded as usual with locals, music playing, great ambience; its a magic spot! We then headed to dinner at the Thai style restos down near Chiang Mai Pratu - things on the menu looked good so we ordered for 5 (we were 3) much to the dismay of the waitress - great food, the place is right next to the markets. Grabbed the bill............125THB (ie just a tick over $4 Oz!).

Headed towards Thaepae Gate & stopped for the fish foot massage. You could hear the screams & laughter from Moana & Emilia as the thousands of fish swarmed over their feet....we all know that Moana is loud but this really took the cake - out of control!

Headed to the Rooftop for a beer - still a very 'cool' spot. Then down Loi Kroh to show Moana where Marc had been beseiged by girls, a quick tour through the Night Bazaar then home.

Tomorrow we're off out through the remote mountains out past Mae Rim, past Samoeng to Pong Khaow, its isolated hot springs, a 2 hour massage & lunch before heading home down past an Hmong hill-tribe area.

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