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Notre vie en Thaïlande

Myriama et Roderick à Chang Mai

12/04/2009 - SONGKRAN Posté le Dimanche 12 Avril 2009 à 08h53
Trust you haven't overdone the hot-cross buns & Easter eggs.
Up bright & early, looking forward to our, no doubt, very wet first Songkran - planning a walk through the central areas a little later to coincide with the procession of the buddhas for the traditional 'bathing'/purification.
Ducked down town yesderday to quickly grab something for home & returned drenched. All in great fun! There is no escape; & who would want to escape! Every major entry into town is set up with water roadside & all those who pass have buckets of water thrown over them, much to the amusement of all. Those in the cars retaliate with massive water pistols - these are like canons; those on bikes hang on tightly! As one approaches town an added festival atmosphere greets you - massive stages set up for concerts, food stalls have sprung up everywhere. Interestingly the supermarket i ducked into had masses of huge ice-filled fridges/eskies chock-a-block with beers & all types of 'coolers' - you know, its going to be HUGE!
So we headed into the BIGGEST water throwing event of all time. it seems that everyone is out & about on the streets. 100s of 1000s of merry-makers; from families, through school kids to the elderly, everyone wringing wet, everyone smiling & in good spirits; yet a sense of awareness of the 'comfort' of others, of one's 'responsabilities' in throwing water about the place. Its a buzz, well worth the hit-out; of course we'd do it again - in fact, tomorrow cant come quickly enough! Its good to be young!!!
Amidst the water files the Procession of Buddhas; some 55 from various temples clarifying the concept of purification through water. The sight of the 'fully decorated' young boys who are to enter the monkhood & the pride this holds for the parents is serene. Rock bands playing/people dancing everywhere & not a drop of water in sight; the food outlets left dry as are any elderly seeking to good is it to see simple good fun reign rather than have a great event ruined by a bunch of 'geese'!
We returned home, grabbed a motorbike & headed straight back! WET WET WET - on a motorbike you're everyone's target!
Happy Songkran.....wait until you feel icy cold water slipping, unexpectantly, down your back.
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