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Notre vie en Thaïlande

Myriama et Roderick à Chang Mai

29/09/2008 - SETTLING IN TO CHIANG MAI Posté le Lundi 29 Septembre 2008 à 09h22
Settling in to Chiang Mai the most noticeable thing is surely the Thai smile for which the country is famous.
We've been driving around town, visiting points of interest, trying the restaurants & so on. Been down to Lampung - huge pottery outlets, wonderful temple, etc. Great trip down with a friend Myriama has established, an interesting fellow (called Egg!!!!) with fingers in many pies - an architect who builds, has a pottery operation, a gallery, furniture shops, spas.......I was telling him of all the bugs we'd seen to eat &, yes, he ripped us into this great local market along the way, filled with all things Thai including the bugs. I can recommend the bamboo worms, silk worms & large grasshoppers! Big avo yesterday at a local pub - different - you buy a whole bottle of spirits or bring your own along; so many 'theme girls' serving each table full-on.....
We are staying at a place recommended by a friend in Sydney....I was reading something yesterday about CM's "love hotels" only to see that where we are staying was once "the market leader"! Had all the "theme rooms" before converting to the current operation. Had to laugh!
Moved to a new house - best thing is the noise of horses hooves (not horses hoofs!!!) as the horses from the nearby racetrack are walked past each morning. We awaken to the noise before heading off to swim each morning - cant tell you how good it is to have your "own" 50m pool each morning; getting fit & about to buy a couple of bikes to add the cycling to the daily work-out!
Its so funny here but everyone thinks Myriama is Thai!  All the locals speak to her in Thai without realising...... 
We eventually made it to the (famous) Walking Market last Sunday. HUGE. Put in a half-hour foot massagew along the way before hitting the Rooftop bar - what a buzz/what a view!!!!
Myriama - the frog, not the Thai - craving for cheese. I grabbed some local (highly recommended) 'Decheeso' - cheddar, some goat, some blue, some parmasson.....but they all tasted exactly the same!!!!
Had lunch at the Greeen Lake as its nearby, then splashed out at the 4 Seasons before heading to Proud Phu Fah - a great little spot! Lots of motorbiking way up in the mountains surrounding CM - quite cool up there!
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