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a brunette's life

my opinion's and my heart

MY HEART Posté le Jeudi 6 Décembre 2007 à 15h02

 novembre 29 nd


My name is laurie .I'am in the class 2nd2 at the lycée madeleine michelis in france .My birthday is on the 16/12.I'am sixteen years old .I live in amiens,a small city in the north of france. At the moment in Amiens the students are demonstrating because the minister of Education wants to standardize our universities . The students do not agree because for them there is a big social inequality between classes .

 My opinion is that I do not agree but it's tiring and boring because some students would like to work : I think students should stop the blocus but not the demonstrations .           MY PASSION

My passion is dance .I dance ten hours per week ,or more .I pratice comtempory and oriental egyptian and tunisian dance.Dance permits me to be free in my head because it's important in my life . I would like to continue dancing when Iam at university because later I wish I could do some history studies to be a specialist  in Art history  or a psychologist for sick children.


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