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Health and environnement Publié le Mercredi 23 Janvier 2008 à 14:31:19


                Health and Environnement: two subjects very important

There are connectiones between theses two subjects because particulary in this moment people want help her planet...

    - What is your opinion on theses subjects ?

    - What do you want for our planet ?



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How do teenagers earn money ??? Publié le Mercredi 19 Décembre 2007 à 19:08:07


     In France under the age of 16:


 - by baby-sitting

 - by helping elderly people

 - by washing their parent's car

 - by organizing a garage sale

 and you have you got idea ???  

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The best day in my life Publié le Jeudi 6 Décembre 2007 à 15:43:13

(In constrution)


           My dream came true on November 28th 2007.

I have been Jenifer's fan for almost seven years. Jenifer is the winner of first Star Academy. I met Jenifer, it was magic !   

 My cousin Fabien works at Radio France in Paris and he called me to ask me if I could come and see Jenifer who was interviewed on the radio at 9 p.m. Fortunately my father agreed and drove me to Paris.

 My heart got carried away. I will never forget this moment. I talked with her and my father took pictures. She signed her album for me.

I couldn't believe it !  It was such a marvelous meeting...


My friends' reactions:"No it's not possible, I don't believe you...I'm very happy for you".











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Explication Publié le Jeudi 6 Décembre 2007 à 14:55:55


    This idea is not my idea, it's an idea from my English teacher.

I am not used to writing or creating blogs so it's a first for me!

I'd like meet people for chatting this is my adress mail : if you had msn...  

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Events this week in my school... Publié le Jeudi 6 Décembre 2007 à 14:37:33


      Today in my school I am concerned because there are demonstrations for a law.

This law is the "Pecresse" law which basically makes a distinction between rich and poor because rich go to "good" universities and poor go to "bad" universities.

The President wants to make competition between universities.

I think it's unnecessary and just a bit "ridiculous" because the President will not change his opinion.

Then many pupils took advantage of the opportunity to skip school rather than to show that they are concerned.

                                     But each of them had his opinion ! 











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