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BIYONE Seafood

The Choice Of Quality

BIYONE Seafood Posté le Jeudi 4 Juin 2009 à 12h31

Located at Dakar in Senegal (FAO ZONE 34), the enterprise BIYONE is presented as one of first senegalease companies specialized in the production, the treatment and the exportation of products of sea in Europe but also through the whole world. We implement all our know-how and our logistics to offer with our customers products of an excellent quality. We export Whole fish, Fillet fish, Shell fish, Cephalopods.


What makes the success of BIYONE it is:

- a modern treatment plant and equipped well

- a personnel of quality equipped with a solid experiment

- a permanent listening of the least requirements of our customers

- an orientation towards production lines to strong added value allowing to face the reduction in the reserves halieutics, to take part in a rigorous management of the potential reserves.


BIYONE wishes you the welcome in his company.


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