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Dealings in the life Posté le Vendredi 16 Mai 2008 à 05h18

Dealings in the life
 Always have some persons coming and going, just as those transient guests on the road when we walk in the life, there are ones that carry the way and walk with us, is the one that move towards the same direction with us.  

Carry the way and walk with us, perhaps we forget promptly in a twinkle; Perhaps, during some day in the life, we will also remember some fuzzy shade once in a while, but just think once in a while ---They, behind us, already farther and farther. Even because some reason Xue come back, separated by too far again, make great efforts again to be probably unable to catch up with.  

Those go together with us, some brush against we, perhaps some will accompany us to walk in a distance, but time will not be too long. There are too many branch roads on the road in life, at every crossing, our choices will all be different. You have chosen this road, he has chosen that road, then, only say good-bye. On the new road, certainly there are new companions, can also have a new fork in the road too.  

Perhaps, what we chose should be another crossing, however, in that side of the way, but we see one stop person that wait for, that appear those people of lots and lots of in the dream in us unexpectedly! As we run over in pleasant surprise, just find, that person,etc. are another person, alternatively, it is we that mistake people at all. But it is already impossible to turn round, we can only go down along this way that we do not want to choose.  

On the road sometimes, we want to stop to wait a moment for someone too. But met etc., that person never came, or met at last, it was not others that passed by turning a blind eye, others have another companion. We have to set out on a journey again alone, the scenery along the road, perhaps not want to appreciate carefully either for a long time because of this.  

Our hope has a person who can go down with us together. It is windy and rainy on the road in life, there are ditches that there are banks, some can eat people's tiger's leopard of jackals and wolves, how we want to have individuals to help us to hit the umbrella, support us once, when or tiger's leopard of jackals and wolves comes, can fight with us shoulder to shoulder. There is always too few very such a person, can run into one in all one's life, it is our luck, we call they the intimate lover, because have them, we always feel oneself is not old, no matter how far 's way does it walk, can too tired either.  

The more,whose name is those accompany we pass by only one sections light from person,that for friend of us, we express gratitude to them too. They accompany us to tide over a certain difficulty, or only on the fine road of a section of scenery, they have smiled with us for a moment, we thank them too.  

Let us switch back to have a look ---The sunshine take the picture warmly, the breeze is blowing slowly. Person coming and going at one's side, how much brush past, is it deep and eternal that how much have? Not in fact already mattering, they are just a passage in life of ours. Most road of life, or we ourselves came over.  

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