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The child is healthy when eating anything Posté le Mercredi 28 Mai 2008 à 08h05
The child is healthy when eating anything

People need nutrition in all one's life, nutrition is source of the life and healthy base, cheap mp3 playersthe food is a source of the nutrition. The person of different ages, necessary diet nutrition is different too. To infant and pre-school children, school-ager, they if nutritive equilibrium, lay a solid foundation for health for all one's life. But among the actual life, because to how scientific diet understand little, a lot of young parents always want to eat a little better for one's own child, eat more, often overweight the food of high protein, fatty and high heat, in fact this kind of method not only can't improve the child's body constitution, but also will cause hypernutrition, malnutritive consequence. Some child suffer from iron deficiency anemia for instance, some suffer from calcium deficiency bone abnormal development wait for. In order to let everybody grasp more general knowledge of child's healthy diet, at the time of coming in International Children's Day, we edit and release this group of articles. ---Editor
What do infant and pre-school children eat
Infancy first peak period in growth such as child, is a healthy foundation in all one's life. Parents should understand the following general knowledge while feeding infant and pre-school children.
The breast milk is good. Contain 0 of a drop of colostrum. 5- 2.5 milligrams of immunoglobulin (Ig), is equivalent to ripe and lactic 20- 50 times, so, there is colostrum like the gold saying. The colostrum is the milk in 12 days after giving a birth, is the most valuable nutriment, can not merely offer valuable nutrition to baby, still can promote baby's small intestine development. The latest research indicates, the longer the time to feed the breast milk is, the higher the child's IQ is, contain many kinds of nutrition in the breast milk, can promote the development of the brain cell. But if the simple breast milk feeds time it is too long, do not add the diatery supplement, is unfavorable to the growing up healthy and sound of infant and pre-school children.
It is still not enough to only drink milk. Some parents think wrongly babies can guarantee the supply of many kinds of microelements only by the milk in infancy, in fact should also add some microelement abundant food in infant and pre-school children's diatery supplement.
Enrich the iodine. If infant and pre-school children will cause intelligence to lag behind while lacking the iodine, especially the defect of abstract thinking ability appears. So, parents should pay attention to supplementing the iodine for infant and pre-school children.
Mend vitamin D. Because the factor influencing babies to absorb is numerous, so parents, while guaranteeing babies absorbed the rich food containing calcium element, should supplement vitamin D.
What does preschool child eat
Call earlier stage such as school age too infancy, refer to 3- 6 year old children. The infant grows faster during this time, the body builds the skeleton, tooth, muscle and blood, the demand for nutrition is relatively large.
The children under the age of 3, should puddle the method together with the vegetable rice, in order to prevent children from picking out and eating; Don't or food that has not boil let child take unsuitable hard, meat or fish, pungent crossing sour over-salty that digest.
What merits attention is, though the preschool child's meal is basically the same as adult, but the absorbing amount of grain in the staple food is fewer than adults, and the requirement that the requirements for meal quality make a gesture of measuring is high, in make recipe, want for child according to of fine quality, quantity ample collocating reasonable, apt principling that digesting parents, guarantee children can obtain enough nutrition.
There are three kinds of food in infant's recipe indispensable: First, the food such as the grain, oil, carbohydrate of the long strength, second, the food growing up, for instance fish, shrimp, meat, egg, milk, soyfood,etc., third, the food building up health, for instance vegetables, fruit,etc..
What does the school-ager eat
6- The children 12 years old grow rapidly, this stage child's physical exertion is strengthened, lively and active, and it is relatively heavy to study the task, metabolism is vigorous, so, expecting much to nutrition. It is overall that nutrition is supplied, the proportion is suitable, not merely concern growing and health, to children intelligence development, improve state of studying, raise school grade to be in extremely close relations.
The school-ager needs to increase heat energy, and the requirement of different nutrient increases to some extent compared with infancy, especially the requirement of calcium, iron, zinc, iodine increases obviously; If the unsaturated fatty acid is scarce for a long time in children's diet, will cause the losses difficults to remedy to normal development of cranial nerve and intelligence development.
The school-ager's breakfast must be eaten well, if eat or eat well, the heat absorbed can not meet body's needs, very easy to present hungrily, tiredly, absent minded, serious will also the hypoglycemia, dizzy has appeared.
Five kinds of following food must have on the school-ager's recipe:
The first kind: Take cereal as the core, for instance rice, steamed bun, noodles, maize, sweet potato,etc., mainly supply carbohydrate, protein and B clan with a vitamin, in order to offer heat energy.
The second kind: Take animal food as the core, for instance meat, egg, milk, fish,etc., in order to supply high-quality protein and fat, mineral, vitamin A and B clan with a vitamin.
The third kind: Take beans as the core, such as soybeans and the products, in order to supply high-quality protein and fat, mineral, meal fiber and B clan with a vitamin.
The fourth kind: Take vegetables, fruit as the core, supply with vitamin, mineral, meal fiber.
The fifth kind: Edible oil and sugar, the edible oil should take vegetable oil as the core, in order to offer heat energy and essential fatty acid.
Fat to eat something
If go beyond the physical needs, absorb the nutriment, the especially high heat energy material too much, will cause hypernutrition. Hypernutrition is fat foundations of children, once find children exceed the normal weight, and caused by hypernutrition. Then, must not care, should take measures as soon as possible. Need to pay attention to the following several points on the diet:
First, should guarantee the need of the protein at first. Drink the soya-bean milk for children, eat jellied bean curd, milk, egg, fish,etc..
Second, arrange some more weight-reducing food in the meal. Select fresh vegetables and fruit with costly nutrition, with low, high in meal fiber content heat for use, for instance celery, fragrant-flowered garlic, cucumber, rutabaga, pakchoi, bean sprouts, water-melon,etc..
Food of third, fasting high in fat content. For instance fat, lard, butter, fried food, avoid using coffee, tea, meat soup,etc. at the same time.
Malnutrition is endangered greatly
Research, scientist of American, indicate 5- 16 year old children among the diet if the proportion that the carbohydrate accounts for is too heavy, will cause intelligence and school grade to drop; Eat, include potassium base salicylate more food, will make children to suffer from hyperkinetic syndrome symptom wayward in a large amount; Lack iron, will cause uneasy serious excited, can damage routine learn procedure and ability; Lack zinc, magnesium is apt to find pale complexion, unable, response indifference, appetite are not good, spirit is dispirited, agitation, intelligence drop; While lacking vitamin B1, children are apt to be tired, forgetful, memory fail, bradyphrenia; While lacking B2, it is apt to present mental depression, sluggish.
Science enriches the calcium, iron, zinc
Enrich the calcium: Will choose the source of the calcium in the good food, the calcium of the general animal food is better than the calcium of the plant food, the best calcium source is the breast milk, secondly it is the milk.
Mend irons: Should feed the diatery supplement since infancy, has added the food containing iron. Someone has tested, has increased 30 milligrams of vitamin C in the meal every day, the human body's absorption amount to iron can increase by 75%, but must eat with the food at the same time will produce function.
Mend zinc: If children lack zinc, should go to the hospital to check, take zinc preparations under the guidance of doctor. Parents only pay attention to eating fish, red meat, animal's liver, egg,etc. appropriately for children, form the good eating habit, non- particular about food, non- partial to a limited variety of food, will seldom lack zinc.
To think pay attention to the content of the copper element in the food the height develop normally, one should. Includes copper element more food and is pork, pork liver, sesame, soya bean, spinach, shepherd's purse, eggplant, wheat, rice, milk,etc., eat some the food and can supplement the copper element in right amount. Be careful, supplement minerals and include the microelement to children, had better adopt the tonic, if need to supplement with various elements preparations, must go on under the guidance of doctor, should pay attention to the equilibrium among various elements at the same time, so as not to attend to one thing and lose sight of another.
What food is not eaten more
Some food children should not eat more, mp4 playerotherwise will cause danger to children's health. Such as the candy, children must limit absorption of the carbohydrate in diet, and eat more food containing vitamin B1 and calcium, favorable to the supersession of the candy.
Several kinds under children difficult food that eat more have:
Fat: The child takes, eats more fat frequently, will not merely cause fat, influence the absorption of the calcium ion, time also can lack calcium while being long;
Instant noodles: Because contain edible pigment and preservative disadvantageous to human body, some are higher in lead amount content. And children are several times older than the adult to the plumbous absorption level, it is apt to damage children's nervous system, digestive system and hematopoietic function to eat more.
Puffed rice: The lead content is high, apt to make children develop slowly, the resistance against diseases drops.
Coke beverage: Contain a certain amount of caffeine, the central nervous system has stronger excited function, have potential danger to the human body.
Bubble gum: Because contain many kinds of additive such as plasticizer, if include in the mouth for a long time, mp4 players it is apt to swallow the glue base, influence children's health.
Toffee: If toffee remain, among tooth crack of children, will lead to the fact it is loose taking off calcium will take place decayed tooth when being serious to dissolve ¢Ÿ for tooth to organize, it is long, it is not good that children's tooth is long naturally.
Colored food: Because some food pigment is artificial synthesis of chemical method, this kind of material has been accumulated in internal time long, will cause chronic poisoning, will influence the nervous system, causing children to be active or hyperkinetic syndrome while eating too much.
Jelly: Its main component is that acid of marine alga is received, it will influence the absorption of protein, fat to eat too much, will also reduce the absorption level to elements such as the iron, zinc,etc. at the same time, it is disadvantageous that children grow.

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