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Can't get along, is it in love how to want? Posté le Jeudi 9 Octobre 2008 à 05h09
Can't get along, is it in love how to want?
The wind of today is so satisfied, though the company loses electrical power, in this heat because such wind feels more nice and cool. I seemed not to remember our disagreements and wars of last night, the calm heart happened as nothing, do not understand very much where to go wrong between us? Is it really that everybody is tired so incurable a person in the eyes of such a getting along and each other each other? I have no way of receiving the answer, what is the calm explanation of the bottom of heart? Will not I love? Will not like in other words? This, I really can't believe, how could the love of less than two years disappear on the short day passing so soon? It is because of the frequent war between us, I suppose! Two hard to tolerate tigers of a mountain, and he and I each hold and already see, safeguard one's own feeling forever, it is unable to make for the other side concession say great a bit a bit for no one to agree "  Die " ,If I pieces of wilful girl, he piece stubborn unwilling to regard a boyfriend's identity as oneself so-called girl friend that love most make people that die little by little then. I have never dared to expect to hear half a him say he changes, changes for me from his mouth, can get along and make a change happily in the future for us. Because he think oneself right, even if we get along so, even I say many times that say good-bye in a fury, he can only let it develop like this, until one's own mood calms down, I am getting soft-hearted, the thing will be relaxed to some extent, but who knows, what kind " war " will also take place next time The woolen cloth?
    I am really very tired and very tired, getting disappointed to my first love too. The boyfriend like me cares and makes me downhearted. The once honeyed words, with comparing with our frequenter and fiercer and frequenter and fiercer quarrel now attentively, really seeming too negligible, I have tried to aftertaste the once bit between us hard, attempt to persuade oneself, warm oneself with it, but in reality, he of today, this piece slightly person who intensify boyfriend that quarrel over sharply more to me, I feel warmth and he of him bring I that kind he has feeling that depend on of me again already, think about, go over, lack happy taste, but getting a lot of copy sad. Feel that have no alternative for two people's deadlocks of today.
    See he angry attitude that does not mind that, knapsack fall imposing manner that door leaves, how helpless let people associate it with all without exception, once his girl friend was too before me, he crosses me like this too, he leaves her in room out if they quarrel each time, it was perhaps for letting me settle down that he said so originally, proved he had no love to her, but now? . . . . . .
    He said he would wonder in his bag who put a piece of jade, I let him ask his younger sister sent off (because he celebrated birthday a few days ago) ,Let everybody clearly understand too, especially I am regarded as his girlfriend, want even more to know what it is about, what attitude it is him, say " wants how I ask in a huff? Let the people in whole world all know this of mine? " What hysteria and forced reason it is! I believe if one people love he girl friend's words can not want to understand that let her rest assured!
    Many times downhearted to impel me produce thought gone out to move and take action, but to that step that will really take out of, come down slowly, think affectionately that give him chance once more by but oneself, though meet two people's conciliation, finally, let him regarded as what myself passed down, will say while quarrelling "  It is yourself that have not moved "  My God! This time, I should be getting firm, get rid of my feeling of influence, let him do his prince's dream!
    Know a girl at yesterday, talked about the thing of she and her boyfriend to me, could experience her disappointment to her boyfriend from her calm tone sighing, she says they always dispute, but afterwards, the boyfriends will all coax her, and sincerely say that makes a change for her, the ones that made into her and liked are more than one year like that, the old sample, though she tells disappointedly like this, I have a kind of envy baffledly, has my he said half a good word to me in order to urge me to stay before long? She think equality of men and women, have no reason, want, let him bow hair come, coax even one's own loved girl friend at love all the time, hold one: Want, go, reluctantly, want, cross together either, diligent psychology together, but I think, even if the boyfriend should love dearly the girl friend, certainly the girl friend should show consideration for the boyfriend. But, I, one step foot on love for the first time, go to 22 year old from 20 year old with him, should in the wilfulness, like, act like a child, need age that fond of and take good care of to boyfriend still, have no reason present I in him like this at present "  Lead " Making still can reach the tolerance like holy girl, nothing is cared about, let's only ask the realm paid? Do I believe, which girl does not hope one's own boyfriend is fond of and modestly decline oneself like elder brother? Perhaps, it is so fine and smooth not to can have, but can not develop under a little contradictions into the unmanageable stage at least?
    The former colleagues all say he has a good temper, sees a face of people smile, I can not really bring oneself to mention, all feeling only let me know, perhaps his good person very much in front of the stranger at ordinary times, tired. But " bad temper " I think it has already been one of his personalities.
    This time, how are we? How many days or shiver continuously to become reconciled? On so, then I leave? And then can expect, I can only let nature take its course, if two people are really unable to get along, it may not to separate be the bad thing either. It proves jointly our basic problem can not be solved to assign to and shut so numerous; And and fierce disagreement prove two people in disappointed and feel disheartened, each other too!
If two people in being in love in love to but can get along, wish the god to bless!


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