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voice of the angel

five simple rules

It is more lonely that the human society has you Posté le Jeudi 3 Décembre 2009 à 10h31

It is more lonely that the human society has you
I am condemning oneself when the a lot of

I should not fight for your sight with the woman beautiful of roadside ] 

I should not take the lips which occupy you with the cigarette

I should not leaf through your mobile phone, the suspicion full to you

Only love you
Oneself is low and low and low to reach the dust

But can Ari command the flower come on in dust

Because has fallen in love with you, it is host of tears

Because of becoming excited. It is the feeling self-humiliation of host of

The love was such a petty and low thing originally

You are at my side obviously, but why the heart let not to know which way to go?

Why are so many kisses defeated by an errant expression in one's eyes of yours too

Only because I have you in the world

Is my such heart sweet and lonely?

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