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Give to those persons leaving Posté le Jeudi 3 Décembre 2009 à 10h32

The promise, grieved, friendly feelings, escape, the abyss
That day, she he say to me he want, walk, leave that piece let him to be sad to make he mad place, do not go back, will not go back again. .
He lets me tell her, it stands at all times that he talks about his words, he likes her, has let her forget him, stand up happily. . I have no language, just ask him, he did not once say to her that will lead her to go home too, he has not ever said too that will look for her, where are but the words? Don't fulfil? . . . .
Perhaps, I ask too sharply. . Leave. . What meanings ask these promises that once made, have. . It is just like that he wanted to leave, said and liked, also there was any meaning. . Everything is futile. .   Just he and I say, if I appear one day, she needs the words of these, I will fulfil my promise. .

Silence. . Large stretch of silence. .

He has opened and deleted QQ, leaves so uniquly. . We inside, will all disappear. His head here, only leave too gloomily. . He has said the last sentence to me. Small seven, the north, fit.

He is taking his her pain of injury to leave, I am sad, the ones that ran into did not know why all these are on earth. . Are some things really the complicatedness? Why must make oneself crazy? Fall into oneself the abyss that can not flee from. .

Some people, left in this way, is taking others' pain of injury with giving up, they, just in order to escape, escape one's own weakness, escape the friendly feelings that oneself can not be forgotten. . But does not know, this may not live forever. . Even if really come back one day, it is just that the things are still there but men are no more the same ones, everything here, instead of having nothing to do again. . .

Genesis reason it kills to be wounded. . If leave away. . Never meet again. . .

Hope to fit. . . .

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