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In school ! Posté le Jeudi 6 Décembre 2007 à 15h29

                                                                        My life in school !

This week in my high school , there are  lots of demonstrations and blocus . There are lots of demonstrations and blocus because of the law Pedresse which consists in privatising universities . I'm in favour because it's very bad for the people who have not got much money ! I have skipped lot of class  but it's soon finish !


It's my first years in Michelis,last years I was in Ailly sur Noye ! It's to new for me because this school is very more tall and there are lots of pupils ! I love English and Spanish ! And I have new friends because all my friends of last years are to go in other school !In Michelis (my school) we are specialized in art :dance drama music !








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