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My life

the events of my life

The blocus Posté le Lundi 10 Décembre 2007 à 13h23

As on every tuesday, I woke up at 6 this morning. After, I had breakfast, I took a shower and finally, I took the bus to go to school.

All was normal up to then but at the moment when I arrived at school, I saw persons who had got posters where they  were writing things I came in the school but I didn't see my friends. I went to see the entrance and I saw people who prevented the pupils from coming in the school. These people blocked the entry.



After, the bell rang. So I had to go in class, I was the only pupil. The other pupils couldn't enter school. I was embarassed because I was the only pupil. But the professor didn't have the right to work with only one pupil , She took the decision of letting me go. So I found the exit door but it was closed and finally I found the good entry which was opened.



It was a bad day ,   I was angry because I had to stay at home and I could only sleep .

Then on the contrary, I had to get up at 6. But on the opposite, it was a good day because I could rest.

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