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out products and services Posté le Lundi 22 Mars 2010 à 19h29

out products and services
in that direction. Sean, what
other spending trends in

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the CPCs in the program as
a whole. In mobile search,
the search volume has
been growing pretty
dramatically. One
interesting thing we have
noticed with our clients,
there is a lot more volatility
than in prior years ГўВЂВ“
the demand for the
advertising is more volatile
up or down. There is not a
clear marketing method, but
we are focused on not just
the person but the meta
data about the person. So
in general we are working
with Adsense and the
Yahoo publisher network
now, we have about 50
advertisers now targeting
our site. Yahoo might
create a system how to
rotate ads from third
parties. They bring a lot of
visitors to any web page
and so it is important to
know how to maximize that
traffic. It will give you an
indication of the things that
are important to consider.
Search Engine Marketing
(SEM) is the process of
promoting your web site on
search engines keyword
report pages. StumbleUpon
is an example of one of the
social media and this will be
discussed in the next article
on SMM (Social Media
Marketing). We use more
than 200 signals, including
our patented
PageRank™ algorithm,
to examine the entire link
structure of the web and
determine which pages are
most important. By
combining overall
importance and query-
specific relevance, we&#
8217;re able to put the most
relevant and reliable results
first. They do this by
following links from other
web pages that may point
towards new web pages.
Google and in days for
most of the other major
search engines. However
your blog software should
be doing this automatically.
There are also many other
directories that accept
submissions for free. A link
out from a directory page
with 300 references on it
will therefore be one 300th
of the authority of that
page. Getting a single blog
post that refers to the web
page will be a much better
use of effort. Clicking on
that cache link and then on
the link at the top right to the
text only version will show
you what the Google spider
is seeing. They are usually
fairly long and sometimes
contain some
misconceptions. An
approach to the most
important aspects of any
blog post in SEO terms. For
a traditional web page the
description can go to 155
characters and spaces
since that is the maximum
that Google will show.
Again this is a large topic
and the following will
provide entry points to
further reading. There is
also a comparison with
other analytics services on
the Home page there. We
will then determine how
best to meet the need you
are expressing. Barry
Welford, You have given
complete information about
search engine optimization.
Barry, Google has removed
all references to directory
submission from its
guidelines. Hi Barry
Welford, You have given
complete information about
search engine optimization.
Behavior Research Update
How do searchers interact
with search engines? This
session explores the latest
studies and findings to
provide tips and tactics for
search marketers to
consider. Behavior
Research Update    How do
searchers interact with
search engines? Looking at
keywords in Google
Analytics provides a good
place to start. You get data
about what people
searched on, but you only
see the results that ended
in that person coming to
your website. Having a site
search on your page gives
you lots of good data.
People don’t often
use this data because it is
free and is ignored. By
default, GA does not
convert all site search
queries to same case.
Common mistake is to make
query for “digital
cameras”, then give
that query URL to affiliate
marketers. Good correlation
between search lift and
multiple display types in
Microsoft search. Lots of
activities that happen
before and after this point.
Searches  How to help
people complete their
query, get at what is in their
head. The predictive search
is so people don’t
have to work so hard to get
information from search
engine. Gives more
information than would just
be in a text link. Research
born out of search
marketing, which gives
insight into research.
Search is the first major
search engine to open its
search results page to site
owners and allow them to
create visibly differentiated
search results. Open
Search Platform, the goal is
to address user needs -
helping them be more
productive. Essentially, we
want all moms to like what
they see - not just Dilbert's
mom. For example, I'd love
to see review ratings from
Yelp below restaurant
results! Matt, you totally
could have waited a week
to publish and let Yahoo!
Yelp & NYTimes
results look (and would
appear to work)
great in the screenshots,
but translating this product
to the longer tail queries
seems like it would present
a significant engineering
challenge. I think it will
become hard not to bias the
results in favor of those
who've contributed high
quality YOSP feeds. I
fully expect Google (and
probably Live, as well) to
jump on board and start
YOSP-like programs of their
own. The search engines
may know what some
people want, but publishers
know what their readers
and their searchers want,
so outsourcing the work to
them (especially when
they're happy to build it for
free) seems like a damn
good move. If site owners
are contributing content
through submission directly
to the engines, rather than
making it crawlable on their
sites, do new or emerging
engines stand any chance
at all? Fill out the form
below and we'll redirect
you back to this exact spot.
Rand, what would you think
will be the role of social
networks in this new
game? This is a free
program, and in fact, we're
specifically focussing on
the smaller publishers. Amit
- thanks for stopping by,
and certainly appreciate the
input. I really like the focus
on small publishers as well
as large ones. I assume the
launch partners will be the
most popular apps and will
eventually be turned on by
default. Gil made a similar
comment highlighting
Yahoo's wider
integration of data during
the local search panel at
SMX. Like it or not, pictures
will pull better CTR for
those positions that have
them. Now visitors have a
way of searching your site
without even going to your
site. Yahoo have
introduced that has amazed
me - this is what a
personalised search
experience should be like,
and I think its what Yahoo
is good at - community
driven applications (flckr,
upcoming, answers) and
assing open source to the
mix, its put itself in a
seriously strong position to
increase share of search.
Googles search results and
Yahoos applications work
together - that would be a
dream team. TnC's
are, but the open platform
may make use of a paid
review system, which may


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