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was pulled out what that. Posté le Vendredi 26 Mars 2010 à 10h29

normally, but at it from a
throat the squeezed peep
was pulled out what that.

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sister and has agreed to
accompany it.
Kerri has dragged it to a
distant wall of a room on
which have been stuck
about twenty five photos of
men of different age, - from
the boy to whom by sight
could not be given more
than fourteen, to the old
man with the grey-haired
beard, reaching to it almost
to a belt.
- Here our grooms, - has
proclaimed Kerri though in a
similar explanation there
was no necessity.
Nervously fingering the
collar, Dzhejmi looked at a
wall, but saw nothing. All
girls have crowded now
behind his back, he felt on
itself(himself) their sights
and even felt on the nape
their hot breath.
- Were today what nibud
new receipts? - Has asked
Kerri, turning away from
photos. She has turned
back quickly, just in time to
notice, how Helen does
something strange: she has
put that that under the book
laying on a table.
Kerri pretended to be, that
anything did not see.
- Yes, a little, - one of girls,
- but anything promising
has responded. Men at us
now almost twice more
than women. By the way,
and you do not wish to
place here the photo, the
captain? - She tried to
speak as more as possible
negligent and carefree
tone, but could not hide a
note of passionate languor.
Dzhejmi has hardly forced a
curve smile.
- Kerri, the darling, I,
perhaps, will go. Still it is
necessary for me … - It
and could not think up, that
such it needs to make, but
he absolutely precisely
knew, that it is necessary
for it to get away as soon
as possible from here,
where crowd of maidens
pjalitsja on it, as on what
that strange animal. Quickly
having given smacking kiss
to sister in a cheek and
having darted at its a
glance in which it was
clearly read: В«I to you still
will remember ItВ», Dzhejmi
hasty retired.
For an instant in a room the
intense silence has hung,
then girls again have heavy
sighed and have unwillingly
returned to the bales of
letters and photos. Kerri
has a little stood in
meditation, has then
lowered Chu Chu on a floor
and has pushed him in
direction Helen.
- Hold it! - she has shouted
Helen. - Not that it will
Helen, having jumped out
from for a table at which
sat, has rushed to catch
the doggie. But Chu Chu
has solved that to it would
not be desirable be at all
caught, and in some
seconds already all girls
who were in a room,
rushed behind it -
everything, except for
Kerri. It has taken
advantage of turmoil and,
having seized the moment,
has crept to table Helen,
has lifted the book and has
pulled out that under it It has
been hidden В«that thatВ»
has appeared a usual post
envelope. In such
envelopes sent the letters
and photos selectors of
While all the others have
been occupied by a pursuit
of Chu Chu on all room,
Kerri has developed the
letter and has got a photo.
She has peered at the
image. The photo has
embodied the young man
standing behind two badly
dressed children. To
children Kerri first of all has
paid attention. It were the
high boy of years nine ten
and four - or the five
years' girl. The clothes on
them were pure, but
dangled as from another's
shoulder. It was similar, that
it is sent at random, without
primerki, from what nibud
charitable office.
But it is much more
important, than the clothes,
were the melancholy which
has hidden in the opinion of
these children. It was some
kind of melancholy of
loneliness, and at once it
was possible to tell, that
these children in the life
infrequently could laugh.
When Kerri has torn off a
sight from children, she has
felt, that at it has
intercepted breath because
has seen the most beautiful
man from all of which to it
when or it was necessary
see Well can to be, it was
and not in the same degree
is good itself as her
brothers, it in general was
the man of other type, and
on his face Kerri has seen
the press of a melancholy
which was not at one of
Helen has pulled out a
photo from hands Kerri:
It is simply dishonourable -
to rummage from your party
in another's things. This
Kerri has answered
nothing, only has fallen on a
chair standing nearby,
feeling as heart without
restraint knocks at it on
breasts. As soon as it has
sat down has run up Chu
Chu and has jumped to it on
knees, and it has
mechanically pressed to
herself a warm little body.
- Who it? - Has whispered
- To your data, it is the
person whom I am going to
marry, - it is proud has
informed Helen - I already
have solved all, and nobody
can convince me a feather.
- Who it? - Has repeated
Taking a photo from hands
Helen, JUfonija has turned it
in hands:
- Here it is on the back
written, that his name is
Dzhoshua Green, and
names of children - That
and Dallas. What for a
strange name for the girl?
Or it is the girl call That? Or
he "Tim" writes it with an
Girls have again turned a
photo and have again
started to consider it. These
three in a picture were a
charming family, despite
their beggarly attires, and
the man really looked rather
attractive, on the attractive,
but all of them on the
century had to meet men
and it is more beautiful.
Nobody could understand,
why it suddenly Helen has
taken in head to hide a
photo and why Kerri looks
as if has just seen a ghost.
- And I liked that applicant
who appeared last week.
How him called? Logan
What that there or Who that
there Logan, so, on mine?
And it was not daddy of
two children. If I suddenly is
going to get married for the
person whom earlier in
eyes did not see I will find
to myself whom nibud
without children because I
am going to have own.
Other girls it agree zakivali.
Helen has selected at them
a photo:
- Your opinion at all does
not excite me. I am going to
marry it, and a point. It is
pleasant to me.
JUfonija which read at this
time Dzhoshua Green's
letter, has burst out
- You will not approach it
as here he writes, that who
is necessary to it the one
who is not afraid of work.
He wishes to get
acquainted with the woman
who has a considerable
experience of conducting a
farm. If it is required, she
should incur care of a farm
completely. He also speaks,
what not against if the
woman is more senior it is
to him only twenty eight - or
if it the widow. He even
agrees to adopt one child.
Everything, that really has
for it value - that the wife
became for it the assistant
on a farm. - she has
maliciously looked on Helen.
- You after all so
understand in agriculture a
little, that, possibly, think, as
if podoit a cow it is
possible, having pulled it for
a tail.
Helen it was pulled behind
the letter:
- Me does not interest, that
it is required to it, but I
precisely know, that it will
When Helen pulled the letter
to itself, the photo has
slipped out her hands and
has fallen to a floor. Kerri
has lifted a picture and has
again peered at it. Now she
has been firmly convinced,
that sees an appeal turned
to it in the opinion of the
man. These eyes were full
of a pain, melancholy and
hope. It were eyes of the
person appealing about the
help. В«My help, - has
thought Kerri. - my helpВ»
is necessary to It only.
It has clamped Chu Chu
under the arm, touching its
light silky sherstku, and has
stretched photo Helen.
- You cannot marry it, - she
has easy told, - because I
am going to become his
For an instant in a room the
death silence was
established, and then girls
have burst out laughing.
- You? - They hardly could
utter. - yes unless you
understand agriculture?
Kerri it was completely not
- I know nothing about
agriculture, but I know
much about this person. I
am necessary to it. Here
so. And now, - she has
important said, - if you
allow, I would like to be
engaged which in what
Chapter 2
Till this moment at Kerri
never in a life was any
secrets. It was not simple
to it necessity to hide that
or from the family or
friends, but here now it had
the real secret.
With friends to special
efforts it was not expected.
Them В«the circle of
sevenВ» was generated
still when they were
children, and Kerri has
strongly grasped leadership
in this group. She bossed in
all inventions, and another
needed to submit to its
decisions only. Frequently
they were afraid, that next
swindle Kerri will be
fraught for them with the
big troubles, but
nevertheless obediently
followed the leader. Big
brothers Kerri often used to
say, that friends are
necessary to it that was
whom to order. It could
force to make them
everything that wanted.
And now Kerri knew, that
she wants above all.
After that day as Dzhejmi
has come back home, and
she has seen for the first
time a photo of the elect,
Kerri became simply
afflicted. It was easy
enough to win Helen
struggle for Dzhoshua
Green, and Kerri felt a little
nasty from that so on has
beastly managed with the
girlfriend and "has
withdrawn" at it the groom,
but Helen should reconcile
that Dzhosh - Kerri already
mentally named it so -
belongs only to it. And
anybody has more.
That memorable day she
has left Johnson's house,
having clamped the letter
and a photo in one hand,
and in another bearing Chu
Chu, and has gone to a
shed for the boats, to the
belonging Montgomery
which now seldom used.
Kerri it would be desirable
to stay one, to think and
admire a photo of the man
and its children.
It seemed to it, that it has
lost mind, she repeated all
time to herself, that looks
ridiculous, that this man
differs nothing from
hundreds others which
sent the pictures. She saw
all these photos, but any
has not made on it. Such
tremendous impression, as
this. They in general at all
did not touch it. She never
thought of leaving the
paternal house and the
family and to go on the
West, to offer herself in the
wife to the person who
knows only on a photo. But
this man - absolutely an
another matter, and his
family - absolutely another.
To this family it is
necessary Kerri, and they
are necessary to it.
It has vegetated all the day
long in a shed, having
arranged on an old dusty
laying at the bottom of a
canoe, aimlessly walking
back and forth,
occasionally glancing on a
photo. Then it has hung up
a picture on a wall and,
examining it, has tried to
understand, that so has
involved it in this man and
its children. She has tried to
analyse all event, being
based only on cold
arguments of mind, but
could not find the answer
to one of muchivshih its
Twice she tried to convince
herself, that she should to
cease think of this person,
that expression of his eyes
can be only an optical
illusion. Or is what nibud
other reasons for grief
which as thought Kerri, she
has seen. Perhaps this day
the favourite dog of
children and consequently
all of them has died and
look such lost and
Was already about four
when Chu Chu has started
to worry, and itself Kerri
has felt, that has got
hungry. Just at this time one
old man who worked in a
grocery store, has glanced
in a shed.
- I am sorry, the Ms. About,
it you, Ms. Kerri.
Kerri has nodded to it, then
has called up to itself.
- Look at this photo, - she
has told, specifying there
where on a wall the photo
hung. - that you there see?
Having approached closely
to a picture, the old man
long studied it.
Kerri has removed a photo
from a wall and has
brought to a window that at
light it was visible to the old
man better.
It was clear, that it was in
earnest about its request
very much. At last it has
lifted eyes on Kerri and has
- A charming family.
- And still that? - She
The old man, appear, has
been nonplused by its
- I such do not notice
anything. They, similar, are
rather poor, but, probably,
they now simply worry
hard times.
Kerri has frowned:
- And they do not look, well
… suppressed?
On his face there was
sincere a surprise.
- Suppressed? But after all
all of them smile.
Now turn Kerri has come to
be surprised. Taking in
photo hands, she has again
peered into it. She did not
think, that now will see
there that that new to itself,
however the photo
nevertheless has appeared
before it in new light. These
three in a picture really
smiled. But time they smiled,
why to it has come to mind,
what they are sad? The
boy embraced the girl, and
their father has put hands it
on shoulders. How they
could be lonely if they are
each other?
Kerri has again turned to
the old man:
- So they do not look neither
sad, nor lonely?
- To me they seem quite
happy but who can confirm
it?. - he has smiled to it. -
but if you so would like to
see their sad, Ms. Kerri let
so it and will be.
Kerri has smiled in the
answer, and the old man,
having raised a hat, left a
Means, any grief and any
loneliness, has thought
Kerri. Others see in a
picture a happy, smiling
family, but it at all that saw
Kerri; and for it was an
incomprehensible riddle
why so it has turned out
why she has decided that
is necessary to them, that
they call her.
She for some minutes was
late in a shed, then took on
hands of Chu Chu and has
gone home; there should be
a celebratory dinner on the
occasion of returning
Dzhejmi from travel This
evening, and in the house
gathered all Montgomery
and their relatives Taggerty.
And in such noisy crowd of
the people anybody even
will not notice, that Kerri
today as that is unusually
And the next three days
Kerri remained silent and
become silent. It was
engaged in the daily affairs,
daily visited Johnson's
house, looked through
photos which sent men,
talked to women who
searched to itself for
husbands, say, tried to
pretend, that its thoughts
are occupied by everything,
but only not family from a
It held in hands a picture so
often, that it even was tore,
and the letter has read
almost to holes. She by
heart knew each offer, and
now could learn
handwriting Dzhosha
among hundreds others.
By the end of the third day
she has already decided,
that to it to do. Following the
initial plan, she was going
to marry Dzhoshua Green.
Certainly Dzhoshua the
wife who was able doit
cows and so on was
necessary, that there still it
is necessary to do on a
farm, more truly, he
thought, that the wife is
necessary only; but Kerri
that was known well that
only by her, and anybody is
more, can give Dzhoshu
When Kerri has informed
girlfriends, that it namerena
to undertake, they have
been shocked. Even Helen
which all boiled from
indignation after Kerri, using
the right strong, has taken
away from it Dzhoshua, -
and that was horrified.
- Yes you have absolutely
gone crazy, - have
declared JUfonija - you
have everything of what
any man can dream only.
Yes with your appearance
and money …
Here all the others have
gasped, as the theme of
money Kerri always was
- Who that needed to lay
out all truth, - has sniffed
JUfonija. - the farmer is
necessary to This guy, and
you, Kerri, are not able
even to sew putting corn. -
it has blinked the eyes. -
you after all at all have no
concept what corn "hair" is
not so present hair, after all
the truth?
Certainly, Kerri anything
such did not know, but
what it mattered?
- I suppose possibility of
that if I will write to Mr.
Green, he will decide, that I
not too approach for a role
of his wife. Similar, he
deistvitelno is assured, that
the dray horse, instead of
the girlfriend of a life is
necessary to it.
Nevertheless I remained
firm in the decision to marry
it and to leave in Colorado,
in its small town which the
Eternity is called.
After such statement of the
girl have made one more
attempt to bring to reason
Kerri. Especially all were
revolted with that Kerri was
going to deceive Mr. Green,
and one of the most
indestructible positions of
their work was - never to
inflate potential grooms. If
the man stated a wish to
have the wife with gentle
disposition they, having
promised to find to it such,
had no right to palm off the
fury. If the farmer is
necessary to Mr. Green, it
should receive that
- He will not be
disappointed in me, - has
promised Kerri with a self-
confident smile.
Girls have returned to the
armchairs and sat,
examining Kerri. It was so
is good itself, that
wherever appeared, men
went all out to sweetheart.
For such appearance as at
Kerri, any woman was
ready to sell soul to a devil.
Kerri liked men. Men adored
Kerri. Probably, that Kerri
has grown on care of the
father and seven brothers,
has allowed it to learn
everything, that can be
known about men. But
anyway, any whom it
would beckon a finger,
would be at her feet. She
needed to choose only.
Within two days of the
girlfriend tried В«to result
Kerri in feelingВ», but have
then given it up as a bad
job. They have simply got
tired to convince her as it
has not resulted in any
results. Kerri has told, that
if they it is valid to it friends,
they should help to it to
think up how to present
themselves as the wife to
Mr. Green that it could not
get rid of it when it will be
found out, that it
understands nothing
- It, possibly, will be hardly
hardly, as though it to tell
… is upset, when it will
be found out, that I
exaggerated the
possibilities a little. It is not
excluded, that he will
persuade me to come back
home. Sometimes to men
the god knows that in a
head will climb up. When
they find out, that were
deceived in the hopes lose
ability to think and operate
reasonably. Therefore I
namerena to demand from it
to give me chance to prove,
that I can be to it the
excellent wife.
Girls had other opinion how
Mr. Green when will open
will arrive that Kerri has
simply made a fool of it, has
braided a network of
intrigues, has made a
general laughing-stock only
to impose it a marriage
which has not justified its
hopes. But Kerri it was full
of determination, and
eventually they began to try
to help to it to carry out the
plan zamanivanija in
Dzhoshua Green's trap.
After all it, despite of
everything, was so
fascinatingly and
The very first, than they
were engaged, is a
gathering of every possible
data on agriculture. All girls
were born and have grown
on seacoast, all conducted
a carefree life in an
environment of servants
which in all pleased them.
The Food was delivered
from kitchen, but they had
no representation how it on
this kitchen gets. Sara has
told, that the seller brings it
to a rear entrance of their
house. Having set by such
purpose, they have so
zealously gone deep into
researches on agriculture
and animal industries as
though they should pass
examinations in these
subjects. However in
couple of days they were
convinced, that agriculture -
extremely boring piece.
Then they have asked one
woman who through them
looked for to itself the
husband, to write the
suitable sample of the letter.
Kerri has copied its hand to
send then at the expense
of the father from Maine in
a small town under the
name Eternity in the State of
Now Kerri and to its
girlfriends it was
necessary to compose the
plausible legend which has
been thought over to the
smallest details which
would explain to trustful Mr.
Green why it and its darling
should get married in
absentia before it will arrive
to Eternity. If Mr. Green
agrees, everything, that it
will need to make is to sign
corresponding documents,
and wedding will take place
in Uorbruke. So Kerri, when
will arrive to meet it, already
will be its official wife.
- But your father never will
sign these papers, - has
told JUfonija.
Kerri knew, that the
girlfriend is absolutely right.
Her father never would
allow the younger daughter
to marry the person with
whom it even was not
familiar also which he in
eyes did not see. He will
simply burst out laughing to
it in the person if she gives
a hint that has fallen in love
with what photo that of
type, moreover and with
two children.
- I that nibud will think up, -
have vigorously answered
Kerri though actually not too
in it it has been assured.
Having sent message
Dzhoshua, she was going
to wait from it for the
answer at least some
months: even if thanks to
an opportunity the letter will
reach Colorado quickly
enough the news from
Dzhoshua will go back by
mail, and on it the heap of
time will leave. It has made
one more copy of the long
letter to Dzhoshua for
herself both day after day
assorted and mercilessly
criticised each offer in this
letter. Perhaps this thought
should be formulated on
another; and this phrase,
probably, in general
followed throw out; and
here she just also has
forgotten to tell about it.
Long months of expectation
lasted, Kerri all as was
overcome by doubts
concerning the
maintenance of its letter,
but, despite it, she has
been assured of the main
thing - that has arrived
absolutely correctly. Every
night, falling asleep, it sent
air kisses to the future
family, and in the afternoon.
Did not leave it in thoughts
for a minute. It has bought a
fabric to sew dresses for
the girl who becomes fast
her daughter, toy ships for
the boy. And still books,
penny whistles, boxes with
karamelju and eight shirts
for Dzhoshua.
About six months later Kerri
as that has come to the old
house and has noticed, that
girlfriends with impatience
wait for it. It was not
necessary any words, it
was necessary to look at
shining faces of girls that at
once it became clear: the
letter from Dzhoshua has
come. Without a word, Kerri
has stretched a hand
behind a long-awaited
Fingers did not obey Kerri
when it opened it. It has
taken out the letter and has
fluently seen legal papers.
At it even spirit has
grasped. Hard having failed
in an armchair, she has
- He has signed. - in its
voice surprise as though
she still could not believe
that has occurred was
First girls at all did not
know, that by it to do - to
rejoice or be afflicted.
Kerri has grinned:
- Congratulate me. I without
five minutes the married
Her have congratulated, not
having forgotten thus to
remind that they that one
thousand times warned her
that Mr. Green will fine
become angry when learns
how it have inflated.
But Kerri was all the same
because she was on the
top of the world with
happiness. Now she should
persuade the father to sign
its paper as the minor, and
then to find whom nibud
who could make a
ceremony of
correspondence wedding.
Kerri has turned it in the
same way, as a trick with
Dzhoshua Green: it has
swindled. Being in office of
the Uorbruksky ship
company which belonged
to their family, she has
indifferently offered the
services to transfer to the
father a bale of the
documents intended to it for
the signature. She has put
the marriage contract in
official papers, and the
father has signed it not
looking. Money has
completed the rest: the
person who has fastened it
marriage with Dzhoshua,
has been found.
Here so in one fine summer
morning, a year later after
has ended Civil the soldier
in America, Kerri
Montgomery officially
became Mrs. Dzhoshua
Green. The assistant to the
groom during ceremony
was JUfonija.
When formalities it has
been finished, Kerri has by
turns embraced all
girlfriends, has promised,
that on them will miss, but
at it the new life happy
preschastlivaja now
begins. Girls sobbed in a
voice, washing with tears
new dress Kerri.
- And what, if it will beat
- And what, if it the
- And suddenly it the thief,
or the gambler or when
nibud was imprisoned? And
if it the murderer!
- But you after all did not
worry for hundreds other
women which we thus
have married so why you
about me so are baked? -
Has waved away Kerri to
which already all these
lamentations rather have
But its girlfriends have
begun to roar even more
loudly, having buried in
nasal kerchiefs.
Kerri one more was
necessary, the heaviest
test - to tell native about
everything, that she has
done. When it has ventured
it, her mother has been
shaken much less, than the
Having darted at the
husband an indignant
glance, mother has hissed:
- I always said, that you too
indulge her. And so now
admire fruits of the
Kerri thought, that the
father will begin to cry. He
idolised the daughter, the
younger child, and always
drove away thought that
when nibud she will grow,
will marry and in addition
will leave for one thousand
miles from paternal at home.
Mother Kerri has suggested
to declare this marriage
illegal and to cancel it. But
Kerri, with svoistvennoj to it
terrible sharpness and
frankness, has warned:
- Then I will simply run
Searchingly looking at
dead-pan Kerri, her mother
has nodded. The obstinacy
was in blood at all
Montgomerys - this fact has
deserved for a long time
sad popularity in a society.
Here therefore she
perfectly understood, that if
her daughter has
conceived to marry for
what that of type with
which it was not familiar at
all, that, means, so to that
and to be. Anything and
nobody will force Kerri to
change the decision.
- I that вЂ˜ the Ring was
here would like and could
see all it, - the father has
murmured, meaning the
elder son.
Kerri has shuddered. If its
senior brother was here,
she by all means would
wait its departure and only
has then presented news
about the marriage to kind
parents. After all вЂ˜ the
Ring that kind anybody
would not dare to name. It
would not concern so
indulgently a mad trick of
younger sister. Frankly
speaking, Kerri would
began while to speak
nothing to parents if any of
her brothers was at
present the at home.
- How much I understand,
here there's nothing to be
done, - is sad the father
has said. - when you
namerena to leave? - It was
felt, that it hardly constrains
- As soon as I will gather, -
has answered Kerri.
Mother has suspiciously
looked at the daughter:
- And what you are going
to take with yourself in this
remote place?
- Everything, - has informed
Kerri. The question of
mother has seemed to it at
least to the strange.
- I am going to take with
myself everything, that at
me is.
Unexpectedly sad
physiognomies of parents
have brightened up also
their gloomy depression
was replaced by rough fun.
They have started to laugh
loudly, but it was what that
strange laughter, and Kerri
has there and then taken of
a defensive position.
It was motionless, feeling
as all its body is strained. It
really was not clear
laughter. It sounded almost
as the insult.
- With your permission, I will
go to myself. The meeting
with the husband soon is
necessary to me, and I
should start to get ready for
a trip. - it is proud having
straightened, it left a room.
Chapter 3
Mrs. Dzhoshua Green
fanned with the magnificent
fan inlaid with an ivory,
stroked the doggie sitting
near to it, and listened how
its heart without restraint
beats. In some minutes it
and all other passengers of
a stagecoach will arrive to
Eternity. Though the
stagecoach was beat out
from the schedule and was
late for four days, Kerri
hoped, that her husband all
the same will meet her.
She constantly repeated
about herself a word
"husband" and each time
furtively smiled. She
thought of what pleasant
surprise expects Dzhosha
when he will find out, that
its newly made spouse -
not the aunt who suits only
on that it to harness in a
plough, and the young lady,
speaking without the false
modesty, not deprived of
Here Kerri has suddenly
thought about its the first
with Dzhoshem marriage
night and has even more
convulsively seized a fan.
Though her brothers also
considered, that
successfully it was
possible to them to protect
sister from the slightest bad
influence from the party,
that its head was visited
never by thoughts on
different "nonsenses", that
it remained till now
absolutely unsophisticated
in such questions about
which in general anything
the nobility not it is
necessary to the very
young girl, Kerri already
had sufficient idea about
relations between men and
women. It was possible to it
thanks to that it sat silently
as the mouse, and greedy
devoured every word the
brothers when they
exchanged remarks
concerning their barchelor
life. Kerri it has been
absolutely convinced, that it
is grounded in this plan
much better, than any other
young girl. Kerri has not got
used at all in what or to
doubt, therefore she also
has been assured that she
does not need to be afraid
of that occurs between the
man and the woman. Smiles
of brothers and their
unambiguous comments
have allowed it to make the
conclusion, that В«this
mostВ» by which the man
and the woman do
together, - the most
delightful and pleasant thing
on light. So now Kerri very
much counted on the
When the stagecoach has
driven at last in Eternity and
has moved to station, Kerri
has noticed Dzhosha how
the carriage has stopped.
- Well as, here it? - The
woman sitting opposite
Kerri has taken an interest.
Kerri has timidly smiled and
has nodded. With this
woman they were fellow
travellers throughout last
seven hundred miles, and
Kerri has stirred up to it,
that goes to the young
husband. Especially it did
not press in details and has
preferred to hide, that its


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