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molitary counsellor Posté le Jeudi 17 Juillet 2008 à 02h47

Occurs in Sanguo era war is not Gothish bloody war, the sanguo times' war is sapiential arguing more much. Now,the battle of wits story between the clever general is often brought up. Sanguo times, the most well-known military counsellor are Zhu Geliang Zhou Yu and Si Mayi. wow power leveling Certainly, today we need to come to compare being not their intelligence quotient , but "their" talent and appearance.

Zhu Geliang: mild and elegant, Chinese tradition image. wow power leveling

Si Mayi: Having long sleeve clothes on and holding the feather fan on hand, however his style is differnt from Zhu Geliang. His full-grown stature is Pretty and coquettish under purple clothes, at the same time ,the evil influence between features also to make person feel power leveling

Zhou Yu: Handsome but arrogant expression do not allow anybody to the person extravagant think of.

wow power levelingwow power levelingthe game well displays charm of three military counsellor to the full

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