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trip to tibet Posté le Jeudi 17 Juillet 2008 à 03h20

china travel

Trip to Tibet will be the most unforgettable segment of experience and fine memory in my life. Be bringing a fond dream along when arriving inTibet tour,I finally know:Tibet tour natural scene is unable use the simple "charm" to describe. Tibetan local manners and feelings and history culture is also unable use the general "mysterious" to describe. If abstract belief ought to have a real local god of the land to be whose hometown's words,Tibetan Ali probably is a warm family. A heaven whit ideological level. A world centre with location of Holy Ghost.Understand the splendid of nature from the ice and snow and waves . China tour Come here to find the splendid feeling. Tibet touris far away from modern civilization and be full of misted the color world as well.

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