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Life always begins with a simple story. Posté le Jeudi 17 Juillet 2008 à 03h24


Tradition it has that, long time ago, the bird could not fly because they did not have wings. One day, God called all animals together and asked them to dress the wings. However, all of them did not like except the bird, because they are afraid that it could cause some inconvenient for their movement. As a result, the bird could immediately fly in the wild sky. Looking at the bird flying freely in the sky, the other animals regretted they made wrong decision; they envied the bird a lot. world of warcraft gold

It is a simple fairy tale. However, it costs me a lot of time to understand the meaning this story implicates: you can not fly further unless you have the courage to dress the wings. world of warcraft gold

The bird had ever hesitated: can I afford the heavy wings? What I should be looked upon in case I failed in flying? But the bird strived to fly and succeeded to fly in the sky eventually. Meanwhile, the other animals tried everything possible to relax themselves. They feared the trouble and evaded the heavy workload. Finally, what they could do is only to raise their head and look up the wide sky, complained themselves. world of warcraft gold Compared with the birds, millions of times’ abilities we have to understand the wings better. However, we often fear the difficulties and we hesitate the decision.

I doubted my capability, when I got the information about rejection slip; I had evaded troubles when I prepared for my dissertation. I had complained why I was always hurt when I had troubled in my emotion; I had the idea to give up the decision when I was at the cross in my life, and so on. However, inside my deep heart, I am eager to get the heavy wings. Because I know there is no way to get back, I can only go forward in my life.

Do we have the ability to fly in the sky? World of Warcraft gold

Yes, we can do it. As long as we have the idea of the height that we would like to fly and choose the wings conforming to our aims.

We can do it, if we are brave enough to face violent storm, thunder and lightning, if we are brave enough to suffer from severe winter and intensive heat summer, if we are brave enough to stand up from hundreds of failures. world of warcraft gold

We can do it if only we can adjust ourselves, namely, adjust our wings to suit ourselves, so that we can control our wings better.

Do we have the ability to fly in the sky? world of warcraft gold

YES! We can fly if we do have the courage to dress the wings.

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