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Like so many of us here on TRF, the holidays have been nice in that they've given me just a little bit of time to experiment with some things that just don't seem to fit into any typical week. I do a lot of watch photography; and this year, tried my hand at some video.

Replica Rolex Explorer 1016 v 114270 comparison

This is an extremely simple side-by-side of two synchronized Explorer models, one from 1960, the other a D-Series that I aquired in 2008. The voice-over is me, done real-time; after which I added some commentary with the YouTube Annotation feature.

Why these modifications are greatly highly priced? That mainly because of the difficult and complex process. Quality replica watches modifications look the same with the genuine ones, and almost people will find hard to identify them. If you decide to buy one, you should take something into consideration. Currently, refined PVD coated and contemporary DLC coated ones are specially popular among watch fans.

 As so far as I know, Time and Gems which is after the Project X Design and the Bamford is the third Rolex modifier. However, it is not usually seen in the Replica  Rolex Modification market. Actually, Time and Gem has get involved into the sale of second-hand Rolex watches for a long time. Nowadays, there are various kinds of modified or customized Rolex watches in the market, no longer only a few replica watches DLC and PVD coated models available.

Of course there's an Ian Fleming / James Bond connection to this. So, with that, and all else, please do let me know what you think. Thanks!

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