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As one of the most popular luxury in the world Posté le Lundi 15 Mars 2010 à 05h31

As one of the most popular luxury in the world, Breitling watches are famous for their excellent quality and stylish design. Similar to the watches of other brands, they have strengthened their statuses in the watch field by good performance in daily use.

Longines watches Heart on Series PrimaLuna

Pleasing to the eye of the streamline case, Veronika simple on the surface, and then inlaid with bright-clear diamonds, so watch even more gentle flow of Korea, this elegant women's watch is also a jewelry, how can one so that ladies can resist echocardiography. As a result, she was given a beautiful Chinese name "Heart Month", exactly with the "Delight" homonym, because she was so pleasant, it is admiration and fun.

Heart Longines watches are from the month series PrimaLuna beautiful Arabian legend "Thousand and One Nights," draw inspiration moonlight story-telling heroine Sang Luzhuo is the incarnation of wisdom, grace ... ... and breitling replica watches every one "heart month "The master, all have the ultimate in elegant, stylish master clock rate, with a mysterious Meaningful temperament, full of inspiration, a new heart on family PrimaLuna Longines watch will be an elegant and intelligent every contemporary Sanglu Zhuo, for each one unique and attractive modern woman, bringing a fascinating world.

A group of vertical manipulation of a rack with teeth of three minutes of the cylinder cam rotation (through the case at one end of the small window can be seen). From 0 to 60 points, minutes, rotating cylinder over 300 degrees replica watches. To reach 60 points scale, the cylinder-cylinder triggering hours advance (jump) one hour. 3 cam is handmade of copper beryllium alloys, this metal was chosen because of its self-lubricating properties, low coefficient of friction, and adopted the shape of three small slope. Slope affect the accuracy of the line around the rotating shelves, while the shelves at the end of tooth meshing it with the-minute cylinder rotation. 3 cam with three hours to rotate a circle, the three cylinders each one needs 60 minutes, and the mark of 180 as a reference point in order to ensure accurate minutes, and so when the rotating cylinder.

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