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Tiffany 1837 Bead bracelet Posté le Jeudi 20 Janvier 2011 à 09h23

Ms. Wolkoff has mastered the art of the stacked statement necklace. When combining three or even four star pieces at once, one must let each item shine but also work as part of a larger composition. The key is the off-center placement of each flourish, which creates an artful, elegant composition.

Sunburst Crystal Necklace with Brass Chains, Vera Wang; Lanvin Tiffany 1837 Bead bracelet.

Clothing Stylist

Lisa Tobias

It's good to mix silver and gold -- and even genres -- when donning a mash of charms. Try combining styles such as feminine '50s costume pieces with refined diamonds, and a unisex vintage find like Ms. Tobias's 1896 Indian head coin.

Fine Jewelry Dagger with Diamonds, House of Waris; Star Necklace, Elizabeth Atlas pendant Jewelry.

Interior Designer

Jennifer Vaughn Miller, Vaughn Miller Studios

Ms. Miller illustrates the magic of mixing found antiques such as her monogrammed silver locket and crest with delicate modern fine jewelry. Note the perfectly measured variation of each of the four chain lengths. They all hit just above the bust line, but each occupies its own level.

Antique Watch Chain; Antique Engraved Locket and Chain; Small Pave Mako Necklace, Heart lock charm pendant Jewelry; Antique Crest and Chain.

Gallery Director

Mariko Munro, 303 Gallery

If you're aiming for a provocative look, layering avant-garde or punk styles with traditional tribal jewelry makes for an eclectic statement. When staggering the length of the necklaces, Ms. Munro employs a technique of combining one long (but never below the belly button) strand with others that reach the Butterfly pendant line.

Ethiopian Prayer Bead Necklace, Beads of Paradise; Tubular Necklace, Alexandra Cassaniti; Sterling Victorian Graduated Chain, Anna de Courcy.

sources (the same ones who were afraid to talk on the telephone) announced under strict secrecy that "in the guise of a fashion photographer, [Juan Lazaro] travelled all over Latin America, developing acquaintances among politicians and businessmen on the way," that his wife Vicky Pelaez was an "influential journalist," and that Vasenkov's acquaintances included "high-ranking functionaries from the left wing of the US Democratic Party."

On 8 January 2003 Lazaro informs Pelaez that he will pass on a text written in "invisible" writing. On 17 April 2002 he tells his wife that "at the beginning of the war we moved to Siberia," and on 6 May 2003 Lazaro reports that he is "receiving a radiogram" from "over there." So the assertion by Kommersant's source that "even after Two Hearts pendant him the American special services were powerless to prove a link between the suspect and the Russian intelligence service" is puzzling. And Don Juan's behaviour in the cell is highly reminiscent of Don Quixote's behaviour. I do not know about the broken ribs, but think about it: For 10 years the American special services had been documenting every move by the "valuable illegal."

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