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Discount Ferrari Posté le Vendredi 28 Janvier 2011 à 08h35

For those who love their blue and black denim but crave a touch of luxury, Bite Back jackets, dusters, jeans and skirts combine western styling with fox, bobcat, raccoon, coyote and African springbok pelts stenciled to resemble zebra, cheetah and leopard.

The interchangeable fur pieces attach to the garments with Velcro strips to form yokes, collars, Discount Ferrari and front plackets. Created by Austin designer Pam Kerr, the jackets in children's, men's and women's sizes are priced from $85 to $500 and are available at Yazoo boutique in the Rice University Village.

Today's sunglasses are putting all other accessories in the shade. Especially popular with teens, sunglasses are worn year-round and are considered a basic wardrobe necessity. Optical specialists agree and say that sunglasses help reduce glare caused by sleet, haze, and fog.

Corning Optics' Serengeti Driver, available at Abercrombie & Fitch and Sun Discount Girard-Perregaux Hut shops, features a lens that adjusts to the intensity of light during winter conditions, enhancing vision while driving. Fashionable types like to match styles and colors to various outfits, which means this is a gift where multiples are welcome.

For the tiniest Christmas angels, Bebe Chic offers satin bibs and suede slippers trimmed with elephants and elves, tiger- and giraffe-patterned infant-size boots, lace camisoles, slips and pantaloons and tiny potpourri-filled lace bears. For trend-setting toddlers, there are also leather bloomers for $259 by Les Enfants Terribles and tiny Discount Glashutte for $329. Baby's closet can be organized with Closet Critters' padded hangers with potpourri-stuffed animal decorations for $10 each.

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