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Glashutte Senator Sport Collection GSH-34 Posté le Samedi 29 Janvier 2011 à 08h50

But nothing Neiman Marcus sells is off-limits to Web shoppers. About 20 customer-service assistants provide online help from the company's catalog center, sometimes by finding a product in the massive warehouse next door and packing it themselves. Meanwhile, six "eService" Glashutte Senator Sport Collection GSH-34 are perched to help cybershoppers from a tiny office, including a studio for taking electronic pictures of merchandise in elaborate settings, at its store in Dallas's North Park mall.

One of them, Meredith Hawn, looks like any other Neiman Marcus sales rep as she walks around the store checking prices -- but she carries a digital camera to make computer images of merchandise for customers. "Sometimes we get a note that says `I'm looking for a white dress,'" Ms. Hawn explains as she walks into the store's Calvin Klein department with an e-mail printout. "This one made it very easy by telling me exactly what she wanted."

Her shopper had seen a white Glashutte Senator Tourbillon GSH-38 Klein dress in Vogue and wanted it for her wedding. But the store was out of stock. Ms. Hawn zapped back a note offering to check other stores but also included a computer image of an Escada dress that was on hand. The shopper took the Escada instead.

the most affected individuals are forgotten -- the children. "With murder rates rising among our youth and no solution in sight, somebody has to remember the children and lead them the right way," Graham Chronofighter Diver GR-10 [Tonya Gartin] about the volunteer-based child care program housed in the Dayspring Center. It is ironic that among the families that would be labeled "dysfunctional" by all conventional standards that volunteer grandmothers keep a watchful eye and protective hand over the children who call Dayspring home. Agencies such as the YMCA sponsor after-school programs that help with leadership development and also sponsor group activities and summer camps.

"Safeguards for success" is the phrase Gartin has coined for the practices Dayspring uses to ensure residents Graham Chronofighter Diver GR-11 good habits. Yet even more essential in this fight are residents "establishing and completing goals -- those are two essential keys to success in this program," says Gartin, who after five years of service is very passionate when she speaks on this topic and is quick to point out two major obstacles to ending homelessness-- "the transitional grace period between welfare and work; and Graham Chronofighter Diver GR-12."

Unlike some organizations, Dayspring accepts donations from the community to help the residents living there. One exceptional donation involved a fashion show early last month which was sponsored by Bon Temps hairstylist Robert James, titled "Big, Bold, and Beautiful, Slim, Trim, and Sassy." Despite this aid, "there is still a need for more help financially and in the area of community service" said .

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