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Breitling for Bentley Midsize QUARTZ Chronograph BT-162 Posté le Jeudi 10 Février 2011 à 09h48

OK, I know what you're all thinking. A makeover? That's not outrageous.

Makeovers are everywhere. Watch a few hours of reality TV- Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, The Swan, What Not to Wear, even daytime talk shows - and it's Svengali overload.

If you ask anyone who Breitling for Bentley Midsize QUARTZ Chronograph BT-170 me well, I'm the last person they would  to do this.

I dress appropriately, but not fashionably. And I'm just plain lazy when it comes to primping, ironing, curling or applying powders and liquids of any kind. I'm perfectly satisfied looking bohemian - jeans, T-shirt, sandals, out-of-control hair.

My internal dialogue goes something like this in the morning: Hair gels and sprays? Too time-consuming. Eye shadow? Breitling for Bentley Midsize QUARTZ Chronograph BT-162 it, I look like a clown. High heels? Scary; I'll fall on my face.

But alas, I'm an intern who can't say no. I'm entering the working world where you have to look professional.

So per my orders, I accompanied Chronicle fashion reporter Joy Sewing for a day of  at Memorial City Mall.

Joy wanted to incorporate more color into my black, brown and white wardrobe. Anything I pointed out that was too dark or bland was followed by a swift "boring."

After a few failed stops, we found a colorful variety of clothes at J.C. Penney.

"Oh, that's cute!" was heard a lot.

A form-fitting, knee-length black skirt, both elegant and stylish, caught Joy's eye.

"Did you know that you have an hour-glass figure?" she asked when I stepped out of the dressing room.

Actually, I didn't know my figure resembled anything. I always Breitling for Bentley QUARTZ Chronograph BT-57 baggy clothes.

Later, when a white, wrap-around blouse was added to the mix, I had to ask Joy how to put it on.

Shoes came next. I made it clear that I wasn't interested in wearing high heels. I don't want to feel like I'm walking on a tight rope.

We compromised on the semi-high, chunky heel of a Gianni Bini shoe at Dillard's.

In the world of fashion, accessories are a necessity. Joy and I scoured the jewelry section of Forever 21 in search of a necklace and a bracelet, eventually settling on necklace of little black balls and bracelets to match.

My oval glasses' frames had to go, said Vanessa Pro, the optical department manager at J.C. Penney. Instead, Vanessa and Joy agreed upon red, rectangular-shaped frames that fit my facial features.

The shopping had been a success, but I was nervous about cutting my hair as Breitling Longitude Quartz Chrono BT-196 approached our final stop: Toni & Guy.

Souki Bourommavong, the salon's art education director, ushered me to her chair and we discussed what to do with my mass of curls. Souki's game plan: trimming the ends and some layering to avoid the dreaded "triangle hair."

"I'm like an engineer. I build the weight up or take it out," Souki said, jokingly. And indeed she took it out. When she was done, I almost didn't recognize myself.

With the curls straightened, a weight literally was lifted off my shoulders.

The last step was makeup, which outside of lip gloss, I never use. Toni & Guy's makeup artist, Tiffany Mitra, spread foundation and various shades of brown and red eye shadow on my face to create a natural look.

As much as I don't like to apply mascara and eye liner, it was relatively painless compared to having my eyebrows plucked.

It reminded of the old saying: no pain, no gain.

When all was done, I think Joy and I succeeded in keeping within the Breitling Longitude Quartz Chronometer BT-165 of my taste and personality. But it did feel like an out-of-body experience. I wasn't used to seeing myself looking glamorous and corporate. And it felt good to undergo a change, if only temporarily.

I'm not about to join a Paris Hilton look-alike contest. Then again, I don't look like I walked out of a Creedence Clearwater album cover, either.

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