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IWC Big Pilots Spitfire IW-42 Posté le Lundi 14 Février 2011 à 09h20

Ery person owns her own destiny and determines her own future. t sounds cliché, but if you need real-world proof, Anna Bell Pfau, 38, is happy to share her story. Born "dirt poor" in Texas, she ran away from home and hitchhiked across the country five times before landing herself a spot at Maryhurst in Louisville, where she spent the next two and a half years being rehabilitated, supported, and inspired. Fast forward to today. Anna Belle is an English professor at Brown Mackie College working on her master's degree at UofL. She IWC Big Pilots Power Reserve IW-82 a popular political blog publishes a bi-weekly column about women's history in The New Agenda, dedicates herself to her students, most of whom were not on the college track in high school, and is a wife and mother of daughter Clancy, 15. Her extraordinary achievements were recendy recognized with Maryhurst's 2009 Alumna of the Year award, but it is her impassioned, luminous spirit that makes her truly arresting. "I turn young women into feminists everyday without trying," she says with an easy laugh while speaking about her classroom. Her feminist roots run deep, but it was after talcing a womer^s history class with Dr. Anne Kerney when she was 22 that she became dedicated to educating the public about women's issues. "Every single day I would think ? can't believe I don't already know this!'" she says. "It lit a fire under me." Now she instills her IWC Big Pilots Power Reserve IW-83 in her students and as a volunteer at Maryhurst. "I credit them in turning me around and teaching me to make good choices," she says of the organization. It was also here that she met her mentor Holly Holland, who she credits with teaching her what a relationship should be. "When women don't have options, marriage is a trap that is easy to fall into," Anna Belle says. "She showed me that I had options. She IWC Big Pilots Power Reserve IW-85 an example that I didn't have to compromise."

It's been really nice to see people do things out of the goodness of their hearts and not for monetary gains."

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Heidi Thiel spent the first part of her career pursuing other peoples' stories as a TV news photographer. When she switched paths to become a video specialist on a children's TV program, the 36year-old walked away with an ample number of her own stories to tell. There was the time she was in a helicopter that crashed into a lake during a snowstorm. Or another time when she was held by angry Ku Klux Klan members wielding shotguns. The former associate editor for the AAA magazine and winner of two regional Emmy awards now contributes to "Our Kids," a program that airs on both MetroTV and KET. She also serves on the board for the Sudanese Refugee Education Fund, an all-volunteer organization that raises scholarship money for Sudanese refugees who have settled in the Louisville area. Since 2005 the group has raised more than $100,000, all of which goes directly to scholarships, and has seen 29 college graduates. "It's nice to see people who work hard, who may not have had all the opportunities, succeed," Heidi says. She knows personally the challenges that face children with narrow resources. A graduate of Berea College, Heidi was given a chance despite limited economic means, and left IWC Big Pilots Spitfire IW-42 without debt. Now she works to give back what she was given. She volunteers once a week with the Every 1 Reads program, helping raise children's reading levels. She stays active outdoors by playing tennis twice a week, jogging, kayaking, and hiking and admires women who are able to find a balance between working hard and being givers. "1 admire women who find space for themselves but who are smart and interested in things around the world," she says, "who are stepping out of their little corners of the world."



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