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The new expansion pack Posté le Vendredi 3 Avril 2009 à 09h13

March 11, has declined to be named, said industry analysts, NINETOWNS agent of “cheap eveonline isk” the new expansion pack “Wrath of Lich King” Q1 line up is no longer possible.

Recently, the message has said, “cheap dofus kamas” because it involves sensitive content did not pass the review of the relevant department.

The IT from Sohu was informed by reliable sources, are now at “cheap lineage 2 adena,” when the Press and Publication Administration and other departments on the content of online games Products more stringent, but at the same time, the person also said, “cheap GaiaOnline Gold “Through the review should not be a problem, to get version of its just a matter of time.

However, the above analysis that, even if the “cheap darkfall online gold” this month through the examination and approval, should not and will not NINETOWNS 3 month piece of new information carriers. The source said the original intent NINETOWNS are on line after the Chinese New Year at a new piece of information in order to attract more users, so that Q1 of fiscal 2009 reported that more good-looking, and in March is already a financial month Q1 Finally, listed companies generally do not At the end of the quarter would choose fiscal Published Products heavyweight. Therefore, analysts believe that even if NINETOWNS also got the earliest version of its April launch of “cheap dofus powerleveling.”

Prior to this, at once president NINETOWNS Q3 results conference call on to declare “Lich King Fury” will be launched in 2009 Q1. In the last month of Q4 results conference call on, NINETOWNS still insisted that the “Lich King Fury” will not delay the introduction of the Q2.

It is learned that the “cheap lineage 2 powerlevels” the new piece of information early in November 13, 2008 in North America, Europe, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and the Russian sale, while other players most of the region in November also saw the new information on-line films.

New information on-chip line delays also caused the “World of Warcraft” players of Chinese resentment. In the major forums and groups inside of Warcraft players are at a variety of ways to express new information on-line retardation film dissatisfaction.

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