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Evil Sir Kanon and vicious Posté le Vendredi 10 Avril 2009 à 04h09
Also remember to remove the evil Sir Kanon and vicious cheap eve isk, defeated the 50 Rogue, killing two giant knight Lancelot of the round-table ?
  Still remember calmly hit the face of the dragon and not retreat, grasping the hands of Two-handed Sword, Knight courtesy to bow to the opponent's dofus kamas ?
  Know that they still remember going to die tomorrow, still decided to go back to expose the Black Dragon Storm City Princess control plot to storm the city's sole gaia gold ?
  Still remember just the phrase "race does not mean that honor ... ... I know that some Orc, they like the most noble knight as worthy of respect; I also know that some human beings, they like the most cruel act of God as the souls of darkfall online gold." And ?
  How many times the number of lineage 2 adena scenes once touched us, how many times we have in the books, mind, game experience.
     Is the number of times, we have once softly sigh Why did not belong to our own epic.
     March 16 and this is bound for China's fantasy game in mind the history of the moment, belong to our own epic, the epic Chinese legend of the creation of "long and " inner upcoming ceremony.

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