Electronic Arts Germany’s research and development studio EA eve online isk Studio wind fantasy online real-time strategy category new game “God forging Hutchison (tentative translation, English original name BattleForge)” scheduled for March 24 an official at the North American market, today at the first to launch official website open test.
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“Forging of God in mind” the open test, gamers will be able to play the open beta version of an open group and map all the cards until after the Games officially listed to take part in open beta players can also get extra cheap darkfall gold for sale units.

“Forged in mind of God” describes the human in the divine madness of war and ancient giants, the player can make use of natural, flame, frost, shadow, such as strength, in order to achieve the mysterious legend of a furnace to create a match with the supernatural forces of the cheap Gaia Online Gold , the purpose of Yes I hope to take back the forces of evil fantasy world occupied; game modes in addition to single-person tasks, a maximum of 12 players can team up together. Players will borrow from the collection, exchange cards, Organize personal army, borrow from the defeated opponent to win more
lineage 2 adena for sale , you can deal the cards you want to buy in order to build a powerful personal brand group, battle gaming world. Game combines the real-time strategy and card game, players can cooperate with each other, to organize trade unions and so on, and carry out a card buy maplestory mesos.

When the players in the PvE mode beat the legendary Monster, you can put Monster admission to individual licensing tibia gold, will listen to you the next Monster command, players can also take part in PvP Championships for the individual rankings.

Electronic Arts to describe, “Forged in mind of God” is presented by the ever-changing game world, and multiplayer online games (MMO) Community and friends of the concept of full integration into the real-time strategy (RTS) game board Medium. PC “forging of God in mind,” scheduled for March 24 an official at the North American market.